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Who says the following re. children, orphanges, parents, because they are the ones who take care of them?

Asked by flo (13000points) January 9th, 2020

“Orphanges or parents, (bio or foster or adoptive) can do whatever they want with the children because they are the ones who take care of them” Who says that or something like that?

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Ummmmm the law??? Because they are in that persons custody so therefore have to abide by their rules and do what they ask, provided it isn’t illegal or harmful to the child?

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What is an orphange?

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Well, I think they meant orphanage but this whole question is confusing

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@SergeantQueen But you answered it the first time, so, “confusing”?
Second, what is “harmful” is debatable isn’t it? For example having the cattle/pigs/chicken in slaughter houses’/farms’ conditions
“Mother pigs are put in pens so small they can’t turn around for up to four years. I think most Californians believe we have a moral obligation to ensure that all animals are protected from cruelty.”
is harmful according to some and not others. Corporal punishment no matter how mild is harmful according to some, but not others.

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…Anotheer example, dressing pets up like people for holiday theme, (Halloween etc.) is cruel, according to some but not others.

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@flo I answered your question assuming that I read it correctly, I had to read it a few times to get what you asked.

Also, no. It isn’t always debatable. Somebody starving their kids, beating them, or abusing them sexually is harmful. Yeah corporal punishment is a debate but I wasn’t talking about that because it isn’t illegal in the United States, it fully depends on how severe it was for legal action.

Some of your examples don’t make sense? Who argues that the way animals are treated in those situations isn’t harmful? Also the dressing pets up. The one maybe two examples I’ve seen of that, were actually harmful. The owner used a non-pet friendly paint dye and/or had the animals wear things that was putting them in pain.

Not everything is subjective

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@SergeantQueen Everything is debatable otherwise there wouldn’t be the Hitlers…

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I’d say our justice system and legal system as well. Thats the only claim they have, custody. And we all know that gives them control, for good or ill.

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There are laws to protect and monitor to prevent abuse.
Adoptive parents must follow strict guidelines and must pass inspections, before letting them adopt.
Orphanages usually run by Nuns must also follow rules set out by the Governments
( municipal,Provincial ,National) and are inspected periodically ). An exit interviews are held when the child leaves the orphanage.

(In my case I was in an orphanage for five months (due to the fact of a downturn in economy and mother hospitalized).

Despite them trying to butter us up by goading us to say what they wanted we stuck to our truth.( we were only 10 years old)

When my father came to pick us up we had an interview or talk with all the Nuns in a meeting room, and my sister and I didn’t hold back, we told them that while some were nice there were those among them that were downright mean plus other things that needed to be changed.
So no matter who is in charge they are not absolved of wrong doing at all, in the end the truth comes out.

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So, there is no group of epeople who can do the unltimate worst thing to…..just because they are are depended on?

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