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Why does the government ruin life for me?

Asked by Birthcertificateless (8points) 1 week ago

My dad died and forgot about his will,the government destroyed my birth certificate in the mail, and since I don’t have a birth certificate I’m apparently not my dad’s daughter

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Can you not file for a duplicate birth certificate if yours was lost or destroyed in the mail?

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It’s pretty easy to obtain a copy of your birth certificate from the state.

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OP is not in the US.

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Try to find an agency in your city or country that you can go and appeal to then.

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Don’t blame the government.

Where is your mother? Why didn’t your parents have your birth certificate already?

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Because you let it, real or imagined.

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You can get a copy of your birth certificate from the state you were born in’s Bureau of Statistics, or whatever they call it there. (And the government didn’t destroy it, it just got lost in the mail. I have two checks pending that have been missing in the mail for one to two years. And one of the checks was local!)

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Call an agent of your government and ask how to have it reissued.

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@SavoirFaire “OP is not in the US.”

As far as I can see the OP has given no indication of where they’re from. Nevertheless, it should be relatively easy to obtain a certified cpy of one’s birth certificate in any modernized, records-keeping country.

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Call a probate attorney.

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Were you under the impression that the government should be your friend?

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Do you have any family members that can vouch for you at vital records? I went through this a few years ago. They just would not give me a birth cert. I had a expired ID, social security card, debit/credit cards. Not good enough.

But my sister came in and vouched for me and they gave me one in 20 minutes.

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That seems odd. In my own experience I’ve had to order my birth certificate several times in my life, and I’ve never done it in person. Always via the mail/internet.

(Granted, I realize there are different states involved here.)

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