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How to deal with hives?

Asked by SergeantQueen (8994points) 5 days ago

This is something that I guess isn’t treatable. I’ve gone to the doctor but they are never there when I go so it’s impossible to really get an answer. I’m pretty sure they are chronic because they happen a lot. I have also concluded they are because of Anxiety.
I usually take Benadryl if they last a while without going away. Are there any other remedies? The hydrocortozone(spelling?) cream doesn’t work.
If anybody on here deals with them, let me know how you remedy it.

These rashes are circles not raised, usually with a dark red ring and a lighter red inside. I think they are hives. They happen a lot when I am stressed.

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Sometimes I feel like I have a shortness of breath so I take the Benadryl right away but not sure if that’s hives or anxiety

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What is stressing you out?

If you don’t have kids you shouldn’t be stressed. Get food stamps and I will send you 50 bucks for a tent.

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Find a way to deal with what stresses you.
I’ve found that exercise and meditation can help with that.

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Ask your Doctor for a prescription for Cyproheptadine. Your hives will vanish. If they’re chronic hives you’ll need to take 1 pill per day but it keeps them away.

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“The standard treatment for hives and angioedema is antihistamines, medications that reduce itching, swelling and other allergy symptoms. Anti-inflammatory drugs.

For severe hives or angioedema, doctors may sometimes prescribe an oral corticosteroid drug — such as prednisone — to reduce swelling, redness and itching.” › diagnosis-treatment › drc-20354914
Hives and angioedema – Diagnosis and treatment – Mayo Clinic

Also Benadryl only soothes the itching.

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You may have an allergy to something. You should have your doctor send you to an allergist for a complete workup. If you do have an allergy, that is causing the hives (food, fabric, soap, perfume, or other chemicals) eliminating the allergen will most likely eliminate the hives.

Because you said you suffer from anxiety, you should also have your doctor refer you to a psychiatrist, so that they may help you to deal with that. Cognitive, and/or biofeedback therapy might be useful, as well as some meds.

You should also consider learning to do your own relaxation techniques, such a deep breathing, exercise, yoga, visualization or whatever else you can try.

Here are some ideas for self help:

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It’s been a while since I had my last case, but my doc told me to keep Benadryl in my medicine cabinet for when he’s unavailable. Benadryl worked well for me.

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You can get knock offs for much cheaper at Dollar General. It has the same active ingredients.

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@johnpowell I’d rather you not tell me how I should feel.

@Kardamom I’m working on the Therapy thing.
As for doctors, when I did show them the rash, they said it was a cross between hives and ringworm, but neither of them completely. I did get tested for allergies and it didn’t show anything. Also, doctor had no clue what it even was to diagnose. Probably need to see a specialist.

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Ringworm is a fungus. Hives is an allergic reaction. Their diagnosis, ”...they said it was a cross between hives and ringworm.,” makes no sense.

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Yeah…. I know @Dutchess_lll but that is literally what they said… I need to figure out who to see about this and it’s difficult so a better question would have been “What type of professional should I consult” VS “How to deal with this” because I don’t know what the hell it is.

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@Dutchess_lll I left the doctors that day confused as hell.

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Well I’d pick up an antifungal and use it, as well as a daily dose of antihistamine, at bed time.

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I would not self-medicate, but instead find a dermatologist. Take clear pictures when it happens, that will aid the diagnosis. Also, do pursue the therapy path since skin issues can definitely be stress-related.

@johnpowell “If you don’t have kids you shouldn’t be stressed.”

That’s not very realistic. What’s so special about kids that they are the only “problem” in the world able to cause stress? There’s so many valid reasons for feeling anxious. Grief. Illness in the family. A loved one making bad choices. Trauma. School. Relationship troubles. Loneliness. Concern for friends. Addiction. Depression. People need more than just food and shelter to feel good.

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