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What role should diversity play in Oscar nominations?

Asked by Demosthenes (8593points) 1 month ago

Stephen King is under fire for saying that “quality” was more important than “diversity” in the Academy’s nominations. So what role should diversity play? Is it possible that the best actors this year just happen to be white? Or does that indicate that there’s racism at play? Are people asking for racial quotas?

In other words: I’m not clear on how the Academy can prove they care about “diversity”. How can they prove it?

Although this question is about the Oscars, the discussion need not be limited to that. This could also apply to college admissions and hiring, etc.

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None. Stephen King is right.
The only reason I would tune into that program is to see what they’re wearing.

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I also agree with King. Pick the best people. If it truly is a “colorblind” process there will be diversity without anyone trying consciously to make it so.

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above should read: ”...consciously trying to make…”

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Diversity is not important in every situation.

Colleges, jobs, etc. should not be hiring people just because of their race or because they want to seem “diverse”. That’s worse. You hire or accept the person that best fits what you are looking for.

Yes, everybody should get a chance to be represented in cultural things such as movies and TV shows but you can’t force it. If a movie is shitty, don’t nominate it all because it has no white people in it.
I agree with @gorillapaws having diversity should come naturally.

This also counts towards historical films, which I’ve seen people argue need to be more “diverse”. People should be cast to fit roles that are true to the history that they are trying to portray.

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Talent wins awards, that’s it!

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I have always thought that awarding diversity like this be it talent recognition, jobs or school acceptance is condescending and wrong. Everyone needs to be measured by the same yardstick.

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There are aspects to the issue that have not been brought up. Five men were nominated for Best Director, passing over Greta Gerwig, Olivia Wilde, and others.

The lack of diversity reflects the lack of diversity in roles, too. No one is saying there should be a quota or a slot for a person of color, just that the lack of nominations reflects the lack of opportunity.

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NONE! As in zero!

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No role. To their best abilities just pick the best and awesome movies, performers, artists and craftspeople and give them the usual well deserved awards for that year. The Oscars should also go back to 5 Best Pic nominees and stop including popular movies in a pathetic attempt to gain more audience and stay relevant. Lowering their standard is pure mediocrity and slow suicide.

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I can see what the diversity camp is going for. They want more consideration for other culture because the Oscar nominations in the past often seemed to focus on a more narrowed definition of “good”. But nominating someone solely for the sake of diversity is really stupid and self-absorbed.

Something a lot of the diversity advocates miss is that just because your movie is “good” in the eyes of the small circle you are with doesn’t mean it would also be good for the rest of the world. There are a lot of movies and stuff which are famous in their original home country but don’t do well outside of that country. That’s why there are national awards. Oscar is an international award, so you just have to make something for the entire world, not just your small community.

And if you are jealous of all the white people getting all the prizes, then maybe try to make your movies better?

If you want a good example of how aiming for diversity will ruin everything, go to Youtube and type “Youtube rewind 2019”. That video is a mess. You can feel they are trying to force diversity the moment you see it. Strange names that pop up out of nowhere. Some channels have really horrible content that make me ask why they are even featured in that video. And I don’t care about some unknown channel that just became the first Thai channel to reach 1 million subscribers. I only know that their contents don’t appeal to me.

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None. Martin Luther King said that a person should “not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” This is true of all matters.

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