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Is there any place to go ice skating in Manhattan in the summer?

Asked by sferik (6096points) August 31st, 2008

Or, suggestions for other activities that are good for hot, summer weather?

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Have you tried your phonebook? There is probably an inside skating ring? Or rink? I don’t use that word often sorry. otherwise you could go roller skating…..I bet you haven’t done that in years….I know I haven’t.

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Hang out on the Great Lawn in Central Park!

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Rockefeller Center, where they put up the Christmas tree every year.

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You cannot skate in Rockefeller Center in the summer. Just the winter.
I second Chelsea Piers!

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What about indoor swimming pools to cool off in?

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There really isn’t unless you look in the phone book.

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Google is your friend! Chelsea Piers is your only real option. Most Ice Skating rinks in Manhattan are seasonal

Chelsea Piers

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