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Fun/nice/good bar (with food) in/near Manhattan?

Asked by lrk (757points) January 14th, 2010


A friend and I are looking for a nice place to go this Saturday that has some sort of happy hour (on a Saturday!) and some sort of food. Ideally not packed/etc.

Any favorites?

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Seeing Brooklyn in your tags, I thought of this place:
I was recently there for an event any enjoyed it there. I do not know if it has a Happy Hour, but the food is quite good. I would guess that it gets busy on Saturdays, too.

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How about Art Bar in the West Village? I don’t know if they have a happy hour on Saturday. They have a nice back room with a sort of lounge-y feel, nice couches, etc. It might get crowded, though.

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$5 red/white glass of wine
$5 tartines
$4 draft beer
We are in Park Slope, Brooklyn.
Saturdays from 2–5 pm

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@breedmitch your website says 5 onwards!

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We’re not cheap.

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@breedmitch i meant hours, not the price

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Oh yeah. I need to change that. We open at 2 on sat and sun.

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Spain, on 13th St. between 6th and 7th. Delicious free tapas as long as you are drinking, and cheap calamari – not to mention the straight-up phenomenal beer Estrella Galicia.

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