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What would need to happen to make you 100% happy right now?

Asked by SergeantQueen (11751points) January 17th, 2020

I’d like the chance to re-do my life from either 11 or 16. Haven’t decided. So many things I would do differently that would make me happy now.
I think I’d pick 16.

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Have my heart beat normal would be very nice.

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Be Arthritis, and financially free.

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I agree for once with @SQUEEKY2

I’d like to be pain free from the gunshot / nerve damage in my right hand and arm—and have permanent financial security at least at a middle-to-upper middle class level.

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Life will never be pain and struggle free but I’m in a place right now where I’m okay with that and I am happy.

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A sudden windfall of $60,000 to roll into retirement debt free.

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Shoulder of lamb and baked potatoes.

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To be retired so I have free time to do as I wish plus pension and other assets so I can travel or do whatever.

For my house to be clutter free.

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Just hypochondria plaguing me as usual. I’ve had a weird pain for a week that won’t go away. It’s probably nothing serious as it has always turned out to be, but I can’t shake the possibility that this time it could be something serious. So naturally it ruins my mood and prevents me from relaxing. If the pain were to go away or improve in some way I’d be happy until the next thing hits…

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Years ago, I made up my mind to be happy every day of my life and so fat it works.

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Return of normal body functions, and half $million.

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There are parts I miss from my past and things I worry about to come, but right now, sitting on a balcony watching the shore birds, I am happy.

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I seriously need a vacation. Physically and financially, I’m good, but emotionally struggling with some situations.

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a brain transplant

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100% !?

That seems unattainable. But…

My daughters migraines and anxiety to magically go away.

My wife’s vision to improve instead of deteriorate. Her neurological issues to magically go away.

My diabetes and heart condition to magically go away.

For us both to lose another 50lbs. (already lost about 50).

$400,000 to be completely debt free. No mortgage, no nothing.

About $20,000 worth of upgrades to the house. Mostly the kitchen.

A $20,000/year raise at my current job, or a new job.

For a handful of folks to treat my wife with the kindness and respect she has to generously shown them for decades. Or, for those same folks to magically disappear. I’m not picky.

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I can’t think of a hing as I am happy.maybe a t

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Happiness isn’t about material wealth, all about state of mind, well being & being loved as much as you love.

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Screw that! You’re only 19! Learn from those years 11 through 16 and carry those lessons forward or surer than shit you’ll be singing some version of the SAME blues 19 years from now. Figure out what fulfills you and dive into it. And who or whatever makes you morose—avoid like the plague. You’ve got a long road ahead of you and are far too young to be thinking of your life as a tragedy. You’ve seen too little of it to make any assessment. Dream, think and plan BIG!

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I’m fairly content as it is, but I’d love to have the miracle of my husband coming back to life. I’d give anything to feel his arms around me one more time!!!

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@stanleybmanly Thank you. Yes, I did learn a lot during those years and I mentioned in previous threads- a lot of the things I went through are some of the reasons why I am going into what I am going into. I want to be a victim/witness advocate and I really want to help people, especially those who’ve been through similar to me. It’s fucking tough dealing with it and if I can try to make it easier for others I want to. I had people helping me.

It’s back and forth for me- I wish I could redo those things looking back, but at the same time, as horrible as those things were, they have helped me figure myself out a bit. My only thing is that I want to not be bothered by them anymore. But that would require me skipping to the future, after I figure out how to actually cope with it.

For me to be 100% happy, would be for me to find the strength I need to tell my story, completely. The police are the only ones that know pretty much everything, but I never could tell my therapist when I was with one- I talked about every other minor problem. And my family and friends know very,very, very little. So little that they just can’t see my side of things when I’m upset. So it causes them to get frustrated. I can’t blame them though, they can’t read minds.

Everything else in my life, I’m happy. I’m proud of myself for graduating high school when I literally believed I wouldn’t, I’m proud of myself for applying to college even if it was incredibly last minute. I have accomplished a lot so far and I want to accomplish more. I’m not letting the person that caused all this shit win. And by allowing myself to constantly be depressed would be doing that. I’m taking every chance I get to be the person I want to be.

I don’t consider my life to be a tragedy. I’m trying to be as positive as I can. It gets hard sometimes. But I am alive :)

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60k would get me out of debt.

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Winning the lottery would be a huge help. Just $2million net and it would be life altering, because I think my husband would finally stop worrying about working a “real job” and do whatever part time and relax more and come back to Florida full time with me and have more fun. We are in our 50’s so retirement is in sight. If I were younger it would have to be much more money to feel safe about reducing our work income so significantly.

A more realistic scenario is it would help to find a nice house in Nashville (where my husband is working) that has 4 or more garages that isn’t a fortune, and be more comfortable there. I’ve pretty much given up on this. Hoping for a miracle.

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In the end, it all boils down to money. That’s ALWAYS the way it seems until—you have it.

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^^I used to wish for health, but now that my pain is usually at bay, and I can’t wish for children anymore, and getting totally well seems impossible, I’m going with what pains me most right now, and that’s my husband working in a different state than I really want to be in. Plus, money is something that can help me pursue better health, because I live in America and medical care costs money.

I still of course want my loved ones and myself to be healthy and happy more than anything else in life, more than the luxuries and security millions of dollars can provide.

Money does solve a lot of problems. Go visit a place where almost nobody works, because they are living off of their hard earned money, pensions, and social security, and see how happy they are. Very happy I can tell you.

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Well, tally the responses.
It all boils down to health and wealth, so behave healthy, and choose career an expenditures carefully.

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I’ll never be free of medical debt (unless we get a Bernie Sanders in office.) I have health issues and most likely will have more as I grow older. I have never been happier than I am now. @JLeslie I think you are a bit like me. Our location helps determine how happy we are. I love where I live. It gives me so much joy. Hopefully you can return to Florida again and you’ll be happier.

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@Jonsblond For now I’m living in both places, but it means being away from my husband for weeks, and then back again.

I remember Michael Bloomberg years ago talking about NYC and saying where you live is very important. Living where you live makes such a difference in life. I’ve always said that one of the hardest things to resolve in a marriage is when one spouse wants to live one place and the other spouse another, and if where they live makes the one spouse miserable. I’m not miserable, and I can live in both places, but most people don’t have the option. I don’t dislike Nashville, that’s not it at all. I’m just annoyed with how expensive real estate is there. I see my husband work so hard and he’s making a very good salary again, but it will be spent on housing. It’s almost pointless to me.

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I suggest a support group as with military wives, entertainers, and professional sports.

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