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Who else is afraid Virgin Galactic is going to be too late for them?

Asked by stump (3827points) January 14th, 2010

I am never going to be an astronaut. I would love to go into space, but commercial space flight looks like it is going to take too long and be too expensive for me to be able to get on board. Maybe they can at least shoot my ashes up there.

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I’m not sure what the question is… I guess it might be too late for me. But then again, I’m 18 now, so maybe not.

Anything is possible ~

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@troubleinharlem You have time. I’m 43. You could go for free if you get into astronaut training program. They don’t accept fat old men. Good luck!

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@stump i think you got plenty of time. I believe in ten years it’ll be a common trip.So you’ll be 50–60 so you’ll be living. Follow a healthy life and you’ll get the most out of it. As for the money…considering the experience you could even take a loan to do it

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@Sebulba I hope you are right. But I am still waiting for my jetpack.

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I’m 17. I’d say the chances of me getting a shot are pretty high. At very latest I’d estimate 2050.

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If the price becomes reasonable in 2050, I’ll be 94 then (if still around – an unlikely prospect) and some infirmity of age would likely interfere.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land Actually, you may be surprised to hear that you probably will be around. Those of your generation, at current estimates, are expected to live to 100. Steven Hawking managed.

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At the price of a flight, my fear is just the opposite. They will be done flying and off to other things before I save up the money to buy a ticket.

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The price will probably come down when Disney finishes Disneygalaxy. They will be offering vacation packages.;)

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@stump: have you signed up to get yourself cryogenically frozen? if you manage to do that, they can revive and… well… I think you will have a better chance of going into space in the mid- to far future. if they can’t revive you, you’ve died anyway.

I do maintain that the breadth or width of the world’s cultures offers just as much as a quick trip to Earth orbit. though if I had a chance to go out into space, I would take it in a heartbeat. (one year younger than you, BTW, though I try not to think of myself as old. and I inarguably don’t count as fat.)

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@Ria777 One of the reasons I will not have the cash, even if Virgin Galactic stays on schedule, is that I spend all my money on travel. I agree with you that the world is full of facinating cultures and experiences. As for the cryogenic thing, I will wait until they revive someone before putting my money on that. I think there is less chance of that than me dancing on the moon. Ever seen a freezer-burned steak?

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well, better that than just bones. imagine if a hundred years from now they can recreate you from the “memory” of the surrounding tissue than if they didn’t have a relatively well-preserved frozen corpse. you can’t know what technologies will come to pass.

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Throughout my life, the biggest obstacle for me was that, any space flights would have to be non-smoking, and the same would probably go for space stations and colonies on the Moon and Mars. My addiction also meant I could never travel to America, and had a hard time on 2-hour flights between Prague and Athens.

Now that I quit things are a lot easier. I certainly won’t be able to afford a ticket on the first few thousand flights, but I’m sure prices will eventually drop, just like with aeroplanes, and perhaps by the time I’m 60 or so I could get a ticket for the equivalent of $2,000 or something in today’s money. Then I might do it.

Unless I restart smoking of course.

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It does not concern me in the least!

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Geriatric space travel is definitely going to be a cottage industry in the not so distant future.

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