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What causes people to have to remove snow from path/driveway, 2 minutes (not literally) later?

Asked by flo (12843points) 1 week ago

Excluding mischief that is.

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By-laws for snow removal. Or boredom.

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@RedDeerGuy1 But the snow was removed. What would lead to (edited to add:the front part of the) pathways/ driveways to have to be redone?

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@flo Maybe ice? Is slippery for postal workers.

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Snow at the end of the pathways /driveways, as a result of which city snow removing vehicle?

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Two minutes later than what?

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The law. In some jurisdictions there is a strict time limit by which all sidewalks must be made passable. Driveways are at the owner’s discretion.

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This is not about falling snow.

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Ah, then that makes it a complete different proposition.

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This is from the sidewalk snow remover vehicle, that leaves a row of snow as it goes.

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@flo then what IS this about? 2 minutes after cessation of snowfall? I simply cannot understand why you so complexly mangle your questions. You cannot possibly think nor talk like this. Is your question “why do some people immediately shovel their driveway at the cessation of snowfall?”

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My neighbor’s son does my walk and driveway immediately after it snows. He must watch like a hawk.
He does it for the $.

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It’s called a snow plow.

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It is my understanding that in some locations there is a liability issue for snow on sidewalks as well. If someone slips and hurts themselves on the sidewalk in front of your property, you can be held liable for civil damages. I have no idea how true this is, it’s just something I’ve heard.

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Legislative imperative.

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My OP shoud have had the word “redo” the driveway/patheway 2 minutes later. and “the front part of the driveway, pathway.” , not the whole drivewway/pathway. Has anyone flagged the OP already?
So, thew answer is the “sidewalk snow plow” forces people to have redo the very end part of the driveway/pathway.

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It’s God’s will.

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