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Other than a horse (keep it clean folks) what other animal have you ridden?

Asked by ucme (50037points) February 13th, 2020

Like a donkey, a camel or an elephant!
How did that go for you?
Did you make an ass of yourself?

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My husband.
We got pulled over by the police in the parking lot of a party store for that.I just didn’t feel like walking or going in the store. Must have been a slow night for them

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When I was 12, we had a small circus come to town & their big draw was allowing the kids to ride the elephant. Everything went well except that I was scared to death because I was so high off the ground & the elephant was so wide that I felt like I was going to slide off with every step. As you can see, I survived!!!

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A sheep. My brother would ride the pigs.

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When I was a boy, a donkey, in a bird sanctuary. .
A steel horse, about every day.
And an elephantnotanelephant.

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@rebbel What is that?

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The steel horse, or the elephantnotanelephant?
Or a donkey?

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The elephantnotanelepant.

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@chyna That’s a spring rider.
In my memory he looked like Dombo, the flying elephant, but now that I saw the photo I think he didn’t.
More a dog, or something.

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I vaguely remember briefly trying to ride a dog when I was a small child, and of course my dad, oh and other school children – we used to play “joust” where you ride a larger kid and try to kick over other kids doing the same… though I was rarely the smaller kid.

@lucillelucillelucille Wait, what did the police pull you over for? Were they afraid you were drunk and/or going to fall and hurt yourself? Did they charge you or warn you they could charge you with anything?

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@Zaku-Pulled up alongside as my husband walked with me on his He did ask if we were drunk. He just asked me to get off his back (my husband’s)
He couldn’t charge us with anything.

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I rode a mule for a few days while I was on an outdoor program. Their gait is much smoother than a horse, but their girth is far more uncomfortable.

I was also told I rode a cow, one wild night in the sixties, but I really don’t remember.

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