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Do you have days when you feel you can just eat an entire box of cereal?

Asked by Nuggetmunch (311points) 1 week ago

well I’m having one of those days today.

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Yes, when I was younger. But then I stopped smoking pot.

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Only if I can wear the box like a hat afterwards.

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Unfortunately, no.
The roof of my mouth just can’t handle an entire box of Cap’n Crunch.
I can’t be Crunchitized

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No, never.

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Oooh. Now I was maple pecan crunch.

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I have days when I can eat the whole kitchen but not necessarily a box of cereal.

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I recently ate a box of cereal within two days. No pot was involved.

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Nice @zenvelo!
No, but when I was younger I was a bottomless pit for pancakes. I could eat 10, no problem. Now I can barely get through 2. :(

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Very rarely, maybe once a year. But yeah I actually have ate a whole box of cereal in a day before. Not good for you I know. I was having a tired day and didn’t feel like making normal foods.

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No, but I have felt like I could eat a whole carton of ice cream. I haven’t but I have eaten a half carton in a day’s time.

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I have been craving ice cream for a week. Time for my biannual Braums splurge!

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^I saw the eye twitch! You lie.

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No. I made some dietary, and exercise plans one year ago. I consciously decided to eat less food, and to make healthy choices, and to exercise daily. I have lost 20 pounds, feel better than ever, and have never looked back. My appetite shrunk as my tummy did, and my cravings for cheese and sweets stopped almost immediately, after I simply decided to stop eating them.

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I use my grand children as dieting tools. Rick bought me a box of chocolates for Valentine’s day. Well, I had three GK yesterday and I just set that box of chocolates out and now I have a box of candy that has 0 calories!!

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And fat kids.

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