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I have such horrible FATIGUE, can you please give me ALL of the tips you can think of to help fight it?

Asked by rkadir11 (35points) November 25th, 2010

I am 19 years old, i have not been working out in the past month but was tired even when i was working out daily (weights and cardio), I am healthy, as in no sicknesses or anything of the sort – not even allergic to anything. I don’t eat fruit or drink milk, and not too much vegetables either really, BUT, I also DON’T have any fast food, pastry types of foods, cookies or soda or alcohol at all. I only have WATER and have a lot of meals through out the day. My meals are like sandwiches with tomatoes and turkey, lettuce and mayo. And my dinners are like brown rice with meat and vegetables and bread. I’m not over weight at all, infact I have a 6-pack and am pretty fit. (not said to be brag but just because I know physique is an important factor). and I take my Multi-Vitamins every day

I sleep just fine, in fact I now am in bed about 11 hours because it takes me an hour to fall asleep and I AUTOMATICALLY wake up early in the morning around 8am; making me take another hour to fall back asleep to wake up around 10:30am. but I make sure I get my 8–9 hours of sleep in. . ALSO—> i work from the MINUTE I GET UP to the MINUTE I get tired, which is sometimes 4pm in the daytime or sometimes 7pm…When I say work i mean MENTALLY, doing a lot of homework for college. (i take ONLINE CLASSES), so I’m really sitting a lot and mentally figuring things out. That’s my life. Yet I know to take 10–15 min. breaks every hour or so when I work. I WENT TO THE DOCTORS and got my blood work done, everything was fine!!! along with URINE TESTS, everything was fine!!!!

So I ask yyou to please give me all the tips and advice you can think of, this is really stopping me from getting things done to the point where I might fail my clases, regardless, it’s just stopping me from living period; I feel paralized hoenstly, i feel paralyzed and it sucks.

PLEASE HELP…PLEASE HELP…PLEASE>>>>>HELP!!!! thank you so much.

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Mushrooms… eat all the mushrooms you can. It’s like eating sunshine. And if you set them in the sunlight for a minute or so they will increase their already high vitamin D content by 10,000X or more.

If you can’t eat the mushrooms, then get a regular dose of sunlight on your body.


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I’m gonna suggest that maybe you ought to spend more time out and about. Not for exercise, necessarily, but because that’s what stands out to me as your greatest deficiency.
You might also try taking a nap in the midday or so.

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The Multi Vitamins

Multi vitamins have given me terrible fatigue over the past (like Centrum vitamins). Drop the vitamins for a few days and see what happens.

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Ask your Dr. about serotonin and Vitamin D supplements.

I also read a study a while ago that concluded
”... a British study of younger men found that a dose of 150 milligrams of DHEA twice daily resulted in improved episodic memory and subjective mood, along with a drop in evening cortisol counts.”
I’m having trouble finding the original now, but I know a few college boys who use DHEA for fatigue and depression with a doctor’s recommendation.

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Blood tests. Make them check your testosterone levels.

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Sub-lingual vitamin B builds my energy. I use a liquid that is held under the tounge for 30 seconds before swallowing. I feel slight nudge soon after I take it, but I feel most of the improvement after a period of several days of use. This, plus daily vitamin D and a multivitamin, has given me the best results.

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Vitamins and protein. If you don’t like fruit, you need to supplement your diet with vitamin pills – fruits and vegetables are really, really important to a good diet.

Eat stuff like nuts, green leafy vegetables, beans, peanut butter, dairy, lots of lean meat, eggs, oatmeal. You didn’t mention what you have for breakfast, but having a nice big, protein-rich breakfast can go a long way in energising you for the day.

Exercise is also very important to good energy levels. You may be at a healthy weight, but try going for a 30-minute walk every day.

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Ask your doctor.

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A well balanced diet and lots of water can help with your fatigue. Not eating any fruits or veggies is horrible for your body. Even if you’re not eating stuff that is considered bad (like junk food), not having the proper nutrition will make your body feel like it’s working harder. If you don’t like eating fruit, try making a smoothy or something. Also taking vitamins is a great way to start the day if you can’t balance your diet. Drinking lots of water is very important as well. Keeping hydrated is the best thing you can do for your body. Think of the 8 glasses of water a day as a minimum.

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Also, taking Melatonin at night will help you fall asleep. It’s completely natural and can be bought over the counter in most stores.

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I take a Vit B complex tab and find I sure notice if I miss it. Are you feeling depressed or overwhelmed? Stress can wear you out. Getting out in the sun every day (or snow) and talking to others, say in a mall, can give you a lift and exercise gives you the endorphins to feel good.

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@rkadir11 Because of your age, you should NOT use melatonin. At your age, your hormones are still fluctuating. Melatonin is a hormone, and this will not help your problem, but give you more problems. Please don’t.

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Have your vitamin D levels and your thyroid levels checked (you don’t mention what blood work you had done, and these aren’t commonly tested).

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My suggestion to you:

1. The most important, in my opinion. First of all you said that you sleep for 11 hours, however, the time at whicch you sleep and wake up can cause fatigue. You should try to get to bed at the latest and wake up at 6am. Our bodies do not necessarily need 8 hours rest – this varies accoring to the individual. I sleep for 5 -6 hours daily and feel quite revitalised when I get up. Remember, it’s not the amount of hours you sleep for, but rather the hours at which you go to bed. Sleeping too late and getting up late can cause an imbalance in the body’s natural biological clock.

2. When you get up at 6am, take a brisk walk or jog for about half an hour. This will start your day off with a burst of energy. Then you can have breakfast.Try having some fresh fruits, milk and/or oatmeal to start your day off.

3. Multi-Vitamins are NOT necessary if you have a balanced diet everyday. Again, fresh fruits and vegetables are a must.

4. When studying, as you mentioned, it’s important to take periodic breaks. Go for a walk, get some fresh air, or evencall a friend and chat for a while. Try to finish up all studies by 11pm. Whatever cant be finished, LEAVE it. If you’re already tired and fatigued, it doesnt make sense continuing. It’shighly probable that at that hour of the night the mind is already tired and conccentratng skills would be at an all time minimum.

5. And finally, as @Nullo said, get out and have some fun… hell, drink a few beers, shit-talk with friends, do something exciting with them. But dont over-do it… hahha.

Good luck my friend. Hope this helps.

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The problem may be sleeping too much as well. Sleeping too much can remove any benefits of the rest you receive. As @mistik04 mentions there is a cycle to your sleep. If you finish a cycle and start to sleep into another cycle, you may be waking up at a point where you’re interrupting a cycle, and for the rest of the day your body will be telling you to get back to sleep.

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Just agreeing simply with @iamthemob, my reaction reading your Q was ‘Ooer, looks like he’s sleeping too much! Your age is important, @rkadir11 – you have only just left adolescence and your body is becoming fully adult. As such, you are unlikely to need much vitamin supplementation at all, if you have no digestive problems. Sleep is only good when it is natural and as unlimited as possible.

Try some of the very sensible suggestions above, stop worrying about yourself, find some pointless, fun, silly and outdoorsy activities to stimulate you. It is too easy these days to find ourselves ‘sick’. If the Docs say there is nothing wrong, then get on with finding your adult life and stop thinking about being ill – it’s obviously knackering you!

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