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You draw the curtains/pull the blinds in the morning, what is typically the first thing you see from the window?

Asked by ucme (50047points) February 26th, 2020

Perhaps a tree, or maybe a river.
A man on a ladder holding a recently penned love note…one never knows!

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The parking area behind the apartment building, plus a huge heritage oak next to the creek.

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The red pickup my neighbor’s work buddy drives.

During summer my yard gets lots of bunnies and birds to watch, mostly robins.

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Mine are always closed, except once in a while in summer. But when open, it’s nothing pretty. just the big brick building I live behind.

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The tall bushes behind my house.

My covered patio is actually what is immediately behind the curtains, but the bushes are what I see first.

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I don’t usually open the curtains in my bedroom, but if I did I would see a sliding glass door leading to an enclosed covered patio with a porch swing and lots of misc household items jumbled about.

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The juniper trees outside my living room window.

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The curtains and blinds are always closed, because there is a cosmic horror outside. He hates seeing me naked.

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Water, my neighbor’s house, then my yard.

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I see trees of green, red roses too…no, really!

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Usually turkeys

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Oh, does it have to be the window treatments in my bedroom? I was talking about the curtains in my living room. I open them often, I love being able to see out. In my bedroom I don’t open the blinds very much. When I do it’s either the side of my neighbor’s house, or the back of my other neighbor’s house, depending which set of blinds I open. Also in view is the green lawn and usually a blue sky.

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My terrace and beyond, my car.

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Bamboo and woods.

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The street and the mountain in the background.

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Cheers all!
I appreciate your coming forward like this & taking part in my survey on behalf of pointless question month :D

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I am an avid bird watcher, and in the morning there are dozens of birds in my backyard. I feed them, and the local squirrels and chipmunks, like chickens. So they are all out there, co-existing as a community.

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