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What would be your idea of the perfect view to wake up to outside your window?

Asked by ucme (46457points) March 26th, 2010

The ocean,fields,herds of wildebeest strolling majestically across the plains,the Hanging Gardens of Babylon perhaps.A view to die for or at least to wake up to.You may use humour if you wish,the more imaginative the better I would have thought.

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that clear blue of this morning’s light was perfect for me.

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I already wake up to this.

We don’t have the snow anymore, but that’s the general idea

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@row4food Very special.

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Anywhere along PCH in cali.

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Something like this

Or maybe this

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard The Swedish treat would certainly maintain any morning wood for that little bit longer.

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The ocean! Sometimes now at night when the window is cracked and I hear the distorted echos of cars on the pavement then in between wake and sleep it sounds like the ocean to me, especially if there’s a night breeze to rustle the blinds.

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A peaceful, mirror-like lake, with snow-top mountain in the background, brids chirping…plus the smell of yummy breakfast and the sight of loved ones…not that fancy…

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@uberbatman Yes very stylish,the fish aint bad either.

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A Publisher’s Clearinghouse spokes person holding one of those over sized checks.

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A legion of my followers chanting my name in unison, their countless bodies swaying in harmonious rhythm across miles of arid desert. “Zo-PHU!, Zo-PHU!, Zo-PHU!” lol

Or, more honestly, I’d like to look out my window into the thicket of a complexly designed permaculture forest-garden. You know you’ve got shit figured out when you’ve engineered the very life around you, down to the plants.

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5 feet of snow – no work! Stay at home with love and kids and nuggie!

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@zophu Sounds a little like the scene in Zulu,a little scary but whatever.

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A skyline view of a bustling city.

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Is Zulu a movie? Is it about the African tribe? I’m going to check that out.

edit: sorry, “ethnic group” not tribe. PC, PC! don’t call me ignorant

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Yes x2

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Anything like this would make me happy.

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The ocean at fort myers beach.

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A tropical rainforest…

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Trees, that is what is outside my bedroom window.

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Lake Wakatipu and The Remarkables

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I was thinking more of a bunch of naked women frolicking in a pool.

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A lake, surrounded by evergreens and mountains in the distance. Sort of an On Golden Pond kind of place….

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@Brian1946 Not too shabby.

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The Eiffel Tower, either Vegas or Paris would do fine for me

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I guess you’ve also seen some very nice scenery in upstate New York during Autumn. :-)

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My butler bringing me breakfast.

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My S/O standing by the window.

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The ocean a nice sunrise and my sweetie standing there playing a trumpet.

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We were in KC a few years ago, up in the revolving bar (the 44th floor) at they Hyatt Regency. It was snowing….the city was so very slowly revolving around, and the snow… was breath taking. I would love to have a bedroom of nothing but windows, 44 stories up, slowly, slowly spinning. (My husband wanted the throw up from the height though! When I told him I wanted a bedroom like that he almost had a panic attack! LOL!! That was the first time I realized that my Sprint car racing, Flat tracking, motorcycle daredevil husband was really a BIG WIENIE!!!!)

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@lucillelucillelucille Does he make you horny…. baby.

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Sand dunes with those beach grasses and the ocean ¼ mile away- no houses in between!

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A very tall naked blonde. (She would have to be very tall – my bedroom window is on the second floor.)

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Yeah but she could be hovering in her helicopter beckoning you suggestively.

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A huge erupting volcano, with flaming lava bleeding sown the sides. The sky is a hurricane of dark smoky clouds, leaving an eye of tranquility above the mountain. Within this eye, the golden sun shine brightly down on me. Lightning & comets shoot down from the rainless storm. Among the chaos, beautiful flowers that could never exist thrive.

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A white sand zen garden with an oversized deer scare. Koi pond in the middle with a Tanuki statue by the water.

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Anything other than a building; I have that. Right now blooming pear trees are outside of my bedroom window.

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Two words:

low orbit. Preferably from here.

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I would want to look out the window and see that it overlooks Regent’s Park in St. John’s Wood. That would mean that I was finally rich enough to A) own a house B) in London.

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A wonderfully picturesque exoplanetary landscape.

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@mattbrowne Mmmm….Dune??

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Pretty much this morning was it. I’ve been sick all week. Thought I was feeling better on Saturday, so I worked in the yard, hard, for a good 3 hours. Sunday I felt like I’d been hit by a truck, and my illness came on stronger than ever. I literally lay on the couch and watched TV all day. I was soooooo tired. Well, I hate taking naps, don’t know why, but I do. Instead I went to bed at 9:00 p.m., intending to sleep until 9 the next morning (On Monday’s only I work from 11:30 to 8). Well…my body kept telling me to get up, starting at around 6:00, but I fought it…and then it started to thunderstorm and rain. :) Snuggle time. When I finally did wake up for the last time, about 8 a.m., it was to gaze upon the wet, yellowish morning light, and the dripping trees and singing birds, and a cooling breeze, from the cozy comfort of my waterbed. :) It was a good morning!

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