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What can I do with an opened 40 lb bag of dog food that’s 1/3 full?

Asked by Jonsblond (4783points) 1 month ago from iPhone

Toss it? Donate it?

Our dog passed this morning. The bag has been opened for a month. I don’t know the shelf life so I’m not sure if I can donate what’s left.

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Call a local animal shelter or wildlife rehab organization and ask them if they can use it.

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Is there an animal rescue centre near you?
You might be able to donate it to them.
If a friend has a pet give it to them.
Oh and so sorry about your loss.

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I ordered dog diapers and they arrived this morning just as the vet came to euthanize our dog. I’m donating the diapers to the humane society. They can probably advise me on this? I’m sorry. It’s been a very emotional 24 hours. I don’t want to waste anything that can help others.

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Totally understand losing a pet is almost as bad as losing a family member, we grow very attached to our four legged friends.

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Donate to local shelter .

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Thank you.

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To be honest, a shelter probably won’t take any opened food items. If you’re on Facebook you might try offering it free in a local group related to your area.

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^ Good advice. Thank you.

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You could take it to a random location, and just poor it out. Something, will eat it. Just another option…

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^ We have several squirrels and rabbits in our backyard.

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There you go. It would likely be consumed by a racoon, or opossum. But. You would be helping them, through the winter…

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I’m so sorry for your loss. Not sure if the Humane Society will take it. We also have a county run shelter that will accept any donation. When my dog passed last year, I rebagged his food into the extra large zip lock bags and gave a bag to different friends until it was all gone

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I’d just post it on Facebook and see if any friends want it. If no one does I’d throw it out. I’d feel bad throwing it out, but you might be caught in a spot where there isn’t much choice.

I guess maybe you could dump it in the woods and wild animals will eat it. A lot of states have laws against that though.

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Our local rescue group is glad to take Dog food such as you have. Call him before you just toss it.

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Donate it to a local animal shelter or a neighbor who has a dog.

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Sorry about your dog.

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Sorry to hear of your loss…hug to you!!! Since we haven’t hit full-time Spring yet, you might toss a small hand full into your yard for the birds to munch on. Don’t put out a whole lot because dog food will also attract possums & raccoons & you don’t want them to think of your yard as their favorite restaurant. I feed my 2 Labs on my front porch so their food is protected from the rain & this time of year, the birds are sitting on the side of their bowls having a snack almost every time I head out the door.

Here in Georgia, the local animal shelters will accept most animal foods but the Humane Society seems to be more picky. IF you have any homeless people asking for food for their dog, you could offer it to them. I’m sure their dog would appreciate it!!!

When my cat passed, I gave one friend ALL his leftover food & litter. She had 2 indoor cats & 2 feral cats living in her barn. I had just bought a 24 can box of food & a 7 pound bag of dry food. She said her cats thanked me daily…especially the feral female who was pregnant. She said her chickens loved the dry food also. Doubt you have many chicken farmers up your way though, so just a thought!!!

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Thanks everyone!

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I decided I’d take it to my work and leave it in the break room with a note. My city is full of dog owners and many of my coworkers are young millennials who don’t make a lot of money. I’m sure someone can use it.

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^It’s useful somewhere….

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