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Why isn't my iPhone SE charging right?

Asked by janbb (59595points) March 4th, 2020

It’s either charging very slowly or not at all on the charger. Sometimes the green light doesn’t come on and sometimes it does but doesn’t really charge or very, very slowly.

Is this the Apple slowdown of older models I read about? It wants to install the latest update but so far I’ve resisted thinking that would make it worse.

Any thoughts? (Posted in General so off-topic remarks about Apple sucking will be flagged.)

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Not the slowdown. Your phone still works with that. It is just slower when it gets a low battery. Still functions and turns on.

Your phone is super old. Have the battery replaced. It is pretty cheap to bet a new one put in.

I still rock a iPhone 6. I replaced the battery myself a few times.

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Thank you! I want to hold on to it because I like a small phone that fits in my pocket.

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Good news is that Apple might (all rumors suggest) release a new SE with modern guts but in a small package.

And the battery in a SE is real easy to replace. I have done it in under ten minutes.

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@johnpowell I can remove and reinsert the battery in my flip-phone in about 1 minute. I’m massively certain that I have no expertise in battery replacement, so what complexities are involved in replacing the one in an SE?

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@Brian1946 It’s a “non-removeable” battery.
The whole phone is glued shut, so one has to (cautiously) pry open the back cover, and then disconnect the battery, take it out (depending on manufacturer, they can also be glued in), and replace with a new one.

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Get a flashlight to see if there’s a layer of fuzz down in the port, sometimes that small layer of dust and clothing fibers may be packed in there, if so, take a wooden toothpick and LIGHTLY swipe the bottom of the port to see if anything comes up, but that makes you uneasy then buy a can of air to use the pressure to blow out the dust/ fiber particles.

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@PaisleyFaye – that works. It’s what I do for my iPhone

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@RocketGuy Hey anything to avoid waiting in line at the Apple Store!!

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