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Who in Fluther holds the record for most questions asked?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26663points) March 7th, 2020

The Top Ten or Top Five Jellies in this category? Thanks.

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I imagine JLeslie and Dutch are high up there. You too, mazingerz88.

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^^I am??? Cool! Was just looking at questions I asked and another question got triggered.

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@Flo hasn’t been here that long, but she seems to be working hard to catch up.

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1982 for me.

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The combined total for Desktop Dutchess and iPhone Dutchess is 3,155…





3,160. ;-o

Apparently she has her own eponymous topic! ;-0

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On the other hand, Darth has asked one question.

The thankfully ephemeral Incoherency has asked 2.

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@Brian1946 We need to see more of @Incoherency. I really like him :)

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The feeling is mutual. :-)

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I’m guessing it’s actually the spammer who creates new accounts everyday.

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RDG must be right up there.

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Combined accounts?

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@Patty_Melt No. Just RedDeerGuy1. More if you include TallJasperMan.

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I’m rooting for you.

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The number of your questions marked @RedDeerGuy1. :)

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What is your total for both accounts combined, RDG?

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