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What did you use to panic over as a child and couldn't care anymore?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19441points) March 12th, 2020

Also what about the opposite?

What do you care about now that you didn’t care as a child?

Humor welcome.

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For me pimples on the face don’t bother me anymore.

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We used to have practice air raids and would have to go to our grade school to shelter in place. My dad was air raid captain in our area. I always thought we were being bombed by Germany and cried the whole time. I was probably about 4 years old.

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I can swim in the lake without thinking about “Jaws”.
That’s right. Freshwater lake.
I don’t panic about anything as an adult.

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Well, as a kid I was afraid Satan was going to come and get me from under my bed, so. I can comfortably say I am no longer afraid of that.

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Tornado warnings. I’d go in the closet and have a panic attack

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Nuclear annihilation.

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That I would be locked in a department store overnight when the mannequins came to life. That Twilight Zone haunted me for years.

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Two come to mind, nuclear war and why everyone seemed so sad.

Now I care about financial security, as well as nuclear war and why so many people are sad.

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@ANef_is_Enuf I used to think that evil smurfs were marching and coming to get me.

Figured out as an adult, I was just hearing my own blood pulsing in my ear. (Pulsitile tinnitus.)

And, yes, I can safely say I am no longer afraid of evil smurfs as an adult. :P

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That none of the pretty girls would fancy me.
I don’t fret anymore because I bagged the prettiest of them all!
<cheesy grin>

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@ucme Cheesy but sweet. :)

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I was really worried about being abandoned for a while. I remember walking home from school in a panic, feeling pretty certain that a giant crevice would appear in our backyard and swallow my entire family – and, worst of all: not me.

That still sounds very frightening, but it’s not a realistic worry to me anymore.

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My earliest memory (maybe two years old) is of terror when I heard the ominous sound of the street sweeping machine coming up the street toward our house.
I realized many years later that I was picking up on my mom’s panic about moving her car out of the way.

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When I was about 7 we (my family) were at an amusement park. There was a little train that went all around the perimeter of the park. Mom, me and the girls were on the train but dad was off the train taking pictures of us. The look on my face….I was in utter panic that the train would leave without my dad and we’d never see him again!! Get on the train Dad!!!
I know now it probably traveled at about walking speed. I remember the terror clearly, though.

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