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How do class clowns turn out?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24182points) November 14th, 2021

Do you know any who turned out ok? From your experience? Did any turn out ok? Where you one? You can define “ok” anyway you want.

Humor welcome, but I would really appreciate true stories.

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I’m here. So am I ok?

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@Mimishu1995 Your perfect. Am I ok?

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Depressed as fuck.

I am far from ok :)

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The class clown from my graduating class did okay.

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Just fine, thank you.

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No way to generalize.

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Mike MacDonald
passed away in 2018
also on wikipedia his life history.
He was diagnosed as Bipolar and also had HepC and liver problems later.
He had an impressive Career as a Comedian
Numerous video clips online
Here is one from 2010

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Another video clip link…go to 947 on that clip where he jokes about how he was a class clown.

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Many of my class clowns are very serious business people.

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My favorite class clown was Brad. I was in love with him from 8th grade on.
One time he streaked down C hall. Destroyed my biology class for the day!
He’s OK. Has a wife >_< and 3 grown kids. They all seem functional and happy.

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Dunno. The people from HS that I stay in contact with are only 3 in number.

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I’ve stayed in contact with no one from high school, so I have no idea. I was the class clown in grade school. I think you asked this before, or one very like it

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I have stayed in contact with virtually everyone in my class. We had a great class.

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Great….......serves on a state supreme court presently.

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I ended up going to UCLA for grad school because a certain professor refused to write me a recommendation for Berkeley due to my clowning around in his class. That put me on a completely different path in life.

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When I was in the navy, had a friend that was the class clown. He got out of the Navy in Hawaii, working for Honolulu, teaching their maintenance guys how valves work. It is basic plumbing at best. He was making good money from that. But wait! Since he got that job and the county didn’t have anyone to teach their folks, he got paid extra to teach the county guys as well. And, well, the state had to have someone to teach their folks, so he moved right into that as extra money as well. He was making more than enough money to support himself in HI teaching stuff we all learned in year one in the navy. Guess he did good, after he stopped laughing about how quirky it all was.

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That was my sister closest in age to me. She was emotionally abusive and still is. Her pranks were/are abusive. I have nothing to do with her now. Good riddance.

All the people who weren’t hurt by her “humor” love her.

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@Jonsblond I don’t talk with many of my old friends or family much either.

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