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What is the difference in pronunciation of a name with L and Ll?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (16421points) 1 week ago

Like the name Lloyd?

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There isn’t a difference in pronunciatio in English. The difference is how it is pronounced in Welsh.

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The name “Lloyd” is of Welsh origin and in Welsh, a double “ll” represents a voiceless “l”-like fricative sound that we do not have in English. Try pronouncing an “l” without your vocal chords vibrating and that will give you an approximation of the sound.

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In Spanish it sounds as Joyd.
With that J as the first sound of you.

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I always understood that

LL was a lower sound, like, ‘ull’
L is a brighter sound like “ell”

And in Spanish, LL is an “ee” sound like Amarillo (pronounced Amareeyo)

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I’m not Spanish so I’ve always pronounced Lloyd like it was spelled with one L.

@elbanditoroso Wouldn’t a Spanish speaking person pronounce Lloyd as Yoid?

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@elbanditoroso You may be describing the difference between what’s commonly called “dark” (velarized) /l/ vs. “light” (non-velarized) /l/. “Velarized” means that the “l” sound is pronounced with the back of the tongue up toward the velum (back of the mouth). In English, this sound is most noticeable at the end of a word (which is often spelled “ll”) as in ball, fall, fell, hull, etc. But in American English, “l” is often velarized to some degree, just more so at the end of a word or preceding a consonant (as in the word “film”). (Cf. Spanish, where the “l” is never velarized or Russian where it is strongly velarized at the beginning of a word, unlike English).

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In English no difference.

In Spanish I pronounce it like a Y.

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I tried pronouncing Lloyd the way @Demosthenes suggested. It is a very subtle difference that I don’t think I would notice.

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