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Do you remember a couple of years ago (Summer 2015) when Obama was accused of planning a martial law takeover of parts of Texas?

Asked by elbanditoroso (33226points) March 25th, 2020

It was called Operation Jade Helm. read article and the governor of Texas was so worried about the military taking over Texas that he called out the Texas National Guard to ‘protect’ the state.

Five years later, we’re all under virtual lockdown by the national government, and Texas is all in favor of it.

Was Governor Abbott paranoid then? Should he be paranoid now?

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No worries until Trump orders us all back to work. If the Texan’s don’t watch out he will nationalize the oil industry and force workers to increase production.

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Abbott wasn’t paranoid, he was deliberately stirring up hysteria among dimwits. Just like he did with lies about ISIS invading from Mexico.

Now that a real-world threat has arrived, he’s going to be judged on real-world performance instead of his ability to frighten nincompoops. He should be a little paranoid about that.

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