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How come adults are treated better than kids?

Asked by UnhappyPerson (20points) 1 week ago

No offense but I’ve noticed that my parents look down on me and tell me what to do. Why can’t I look down on them and tell them what to do?

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Because their parents looked down on them and told them what to do, and what they did with that was decide to do the same thing to their kids when they grew up.

Hopefully, you won’t make the same mistake of carrying on repeating the pattern.

Not all parents do that. And people do things for their own reasons, in their own ways.

Many kids do look down on their parents, especially when their parents mistreat them.

Some kids try telling their parents what to do, though that tends not to work out well, and trying to boss around other people tends to be a pretty miserable way to relate to people, unless they agree to it, for some reason.

In a healthy parent-child relationship, a child might not mind so much being told what to do, because there’s some mutual respect involved and understood.

Most (all?) parents tend to mean well for their children and think they are doing the best thing they know how to do. Unfortunately, they may also have some bad ideas, family patterns, and cultural programming.

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It’s all a matter of perspective. Many people think children get treated better because they have everything given to them.

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What sorts of things do they tell you to do?

Clean up your mess.

Do your homework.

Eat your food.

Turn your music down.

Do your chores.

All these things and others like them are appropriate for a parent (or anyone in charge of a minor child) to tell a child to do. However, it would be nice if everyone were polite and kind to each other, but if they’re not, it still must be done.

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So sorry. He and she who hold the checkbook that pays for your housing, food and clothing get to call the tune.

Why do you say they look down on you? They are just aware that your brain is still maturing and your decisionmaking ability is only partially formed.

You will one day have to provide for yourself. Don’t rush that day. Childhood and youth are carefree times compared to the cares of adulthood.

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You assume that as adults they are not treated the same way?

It depends on the emotional maturity of the parents, there economics , parenting style etc

It doesn’t change when there children become adults, so don’t expect that suddenly as a young adult that you would be treated differently.

If economics is a problem then once you bring in income might change there outlook or not?

I remember my older brother yelling at my father ” Well WE didn’t ask to be born dad, that was your choice to get married and have five children.” He continued with” Its your responsibility as a parent!”

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