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Is it wrong to think this?

Asked by UnhappyPerson (17points) 4 days ago

I think my mom hates me. Whenever I do something that seems wrong to her, she ignores me or keeps blaming me. She should try to understand me. I sometimes think my mom doesn’t even care about other people. Actually, I think everything depends on her mood. If she’s in a bad mood, she acts kinda mean.

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That’s tough. It’s hard to live in a situation like that. I really doubt that she hates you, but it does sound like she’s struggling. Do you have another adult that you trust to talk to about this?

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Its not wrong to feel this way but realize that some people react differently to stress.

Usually parents get angry over bad behavior or habits such as not cleaning ones room etc
Maybe offer to help her with chores and stay out of her way if this doesn’t work.

I have witnessed divorced parents take things out on there own children due to the conflicts that arise in these situations, it doesn’t make it right but the children are the closest around so that is way they lash out.

I am not saying that this is in your situation but just giving you an example.

My late father was like that always angry etc so all of us five children kept away most of the time ( all of the time) and one day when he was about age 50 years old he looked up from his arm chair and casually asked where my older brothers and sister were?

Mother replied they left for university a few months ago….he seemed to ‘just” wake up to that fact , much too late.

It happens, he just kept pushing us away until all of us left for good.

That is how he reacted to stress and pain etc

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We don’t know her and don’t know the details, but almost zero mothers hate their children. However they pretty much all get in bad moods and are mean sometimes. Some more than others, usually because they are having a hard time for whatever reason.

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