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Due to the 2020 pandemic, what materials and supplies are you thinking of keeping in your home from now on?

Asked by mazingerz88 (24897points) 1 month ago from iPhone

Masks for example.

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I usually have an extra vial or two of insulin at any given time but it does have an expiration date so I am not hoarding it and wouldn’t anyway

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Nothing more than now except I might want a spare 5gallons of gas kept in the shed for some reason I wouldn’t be able to get to a station for some time.

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My house is pretty well stocked even when there’s no disaster. I always have a lot of toilet paper, and first aid stuff, and flashlights that go on automatically when the power goes out. I always have a good amount of food, too.

What I wished I had this time around was more rubbing alcohol to make hand sanitizer.

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Lots of name brand cola.

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Nothing in particular.

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Toilet paper for sure! Maybe gloves. Paper towels. Cat food.

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Masks for me. Been using the same mask for three weeks now. Nowhere to get a single hospital grade mask. Still find it unbelievable this is happening. Three weeks ago no one would have thought a .75 cents mask is now selling at Ebay for 45 bucks.

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Tylenol. I’ve had a difficult time finding any for the past month.

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