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Aside from your significant other, who would you most like by your side during an emergency?

Asked by lucillelucillelucille (33732points) 1 month ago


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I’d go with @Caravanfan. I’ve never met him, but I suspect he’s able to manage chaos and think clearly in crisis. If there was ever any downtime I’m sure we’d have something interesting to talk about.

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I will just take Mrs Squeeky.

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@SQUEEKY2 -Aww!—I know what you mean with the spouse and all, but who would be #2?

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My mom.
My dad.
My brothers.
My in-laws.
My ex and her family.
My friend-colleagues.
My neighbors.
My fellow citizens.
My king and queen.

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@rebbel What about Bill Murray?:)

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Ah, did I not mention him?

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My son.
Robin Williams.

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You want a dead guy with you through an emergency?^^^

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It’s pretend man! I’m pretending he’s not dead.

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Does it have to be a human because my dogs are 2 and 3. Haha! Much easier to manage!

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I could keep myself entertained indefinitely & rely on myself implicitly.

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You mean you don’t have staff for that as well?

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@Caravanfan is a great idea.
My sister
One of my best friends where I live, we can call her D for this exercise.
Any of my 3 closest friends from college.

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Trevor Phillips.

It could get chaotic and probably messy as hell, but Trevor Phillips is a man who can get shit done.

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A woman I met online in my support group for parents with transgender children. This woman can handle anything and the really cool thing is she lives an hour from me. Small world isn’t it?!

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donald trump. Simply to remind me there are worse things than that particular emergency I’m facing, which I could now tackle with great aplomb.

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Not going to give you her name, but a woman who I have always liked and wanted to get to know better,

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Chuck Norris of course!

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Why take someone else down with me?

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@Patty_Melt My thoughts when I asked this q were more along the lines of any emergency, not necessarily Covid- as in Who do you know who is good in a tight situation? Who would you most want with you to handle an emergency?

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I definitely would not require the services of Dr.Terrified…no sir :D

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@ucme – I’ll take a pass on that as well.

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That was my thought too. I can’t think of an emergency when I want anyone to take the risk.

I did have a different answer but that was modded away.

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@Patty_Melt – Sneak it back in! XD

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Yeah, rebel against the mod dictators…power to the people!!
Only joking, please don’t have me purged lol

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@lucillelucillelucille I thought that was going to be this

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Forced to choose, I would pick this man. I can’t believe he is sixty five now!
Lemme slice off a BIG chunk of that! Grrrrrr.

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@Patty_Melt -65? I have yet to see one of his movies or Chuck Norris’ movies. I believe he recently turned 80!
I wonder what his workouts are like?

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Jackie Chan and Chuck Norris are worlds apart, in style and talent.
I have movies he did in China before traveling to other countries. He was stifled there, by a too narrow field of talent. Still, he found ways to ascend. He has a very easy personality.
His martial arts is not the stiff, obviously rehearsed stuff of the 80’s. He works hard to produce an effect which is a blend of martial arts fighting, gymnastics, insanity, and humor.
Jackie makes martial arts fun.
Some of his movies really seem like his stunts were inspired by Gene Kelly or Fred Estaire.
You really should give him a look see.

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@Patty_Melt -Maybe I will someday but that genre was spoiled by an old boyfriend who was into martial arts and Bruce Lee movies. :p

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Bruce Lee was good. No doubt about that, but some of his moves had to have been tricks of the camera. My husband couldn’t fathom how that would work. He couldn’t understand that every time a scene switched to another scene, days could go by inbetween scenes.

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My big brother, I’d tackle hell with a water pistol if he was beside me.

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Depends on what kind of emergency.

If it’s medical, I’d want my sister with me. She’s not a doctor. But if she doesn’t know something, she knows someone who does. And I know she’d be able to make the tough calls.

If it’s an emergency that requires planning, I’d want my sister-in-law. She’s kind of a planning genius. Down to the most minute details. And probably the most thoughtful person I know.

If it’s something that I want to be done a certain way, I’d want my niece. She’s good at respecting what I want instead of just doing what she wants. (Which is what my older sister would do.)

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