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Is this the cure for Fluther?

Asked by josie (30931points) March 31st, 2020

There is an abundance of bad attitude on this site, even since before the virus outbreak.
I may have found the cure.

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I don’t think there’s a “cure” because Fluther is a snapshot of the bigger picture. I say this as someone who has had a pretty rocky relationship with this site over the years, I’ve left on more than one occasion because I felt there was excessive bullying and ostracism against members who I felt brought unique perspectives to the table. I still see that type of behavior here and there, some things never change, but I mistakenly believed it was the site rather than the way that human beings tend to behave in a group under stress.

And a huge part of the problem is that. People are stressed. Maybe more than ever. We’re disconnected in our modern lifestyle, Fluther allows us a community to feel like we can do something about that. People to lean on, others who “get it.” So, when people are feeling down or overwhelmed or frightened they go where they can feel supported and this community is usually really good about that. While it can sometimes dwell on the negative and everyone’s worries, it serves a purpose of giving people a platform to work out those worries with others they know and trust (and sometimes outside perspectives from newcomers.)

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Some people like to wear negativity like a suit of armor.
I am not one of them.

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Yes, take out the competitive “point system” and it will rid those who are striving for higher points most of all.
By having this system in place it causes unnecessary “snide remarks” that don’t help anyone.
Without the point system it would be a discussion group rather than a cut throat frenzy for higher points ( maybe a validation ?)

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Some people aren’t eating enough pancakes. That’s what I think.

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Remors (or rumours?) of Fluther’s imminent demise are greatly exaggerated. We all keep coming back, even you @josie !

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I think for some people the solution might be logging off and taking a break for a few days. And I mean that of me as well since I’m one of those people who’s here every freakin’ day…

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Actually, since the virus broke out, I didn’t think people were being all that bad. It seems they have come here to talk and have the rumors verified or dispelled.

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I am the cure, the power & the glory…kneel before ucme :D

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I like how we fight like hell, but then a Jelly says, “I need help,” and boom. We’re there. We just set everything aside to do what we can.

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I thought it seemed very mild lately.

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Well….uhm. Better not. Lol

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@ucme You may be the cure, the power, and the glory…I bow before no man

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@SEKA I just saw this & well…that’s what she said!

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Smart woman :) :)

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