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Did Fun size candy bars get smaller or did we just get bigger?

Asked by Adina1968 (2747points) September 1st, 2008

I swear I remember Fun size Milky Ways and Snickers bars being slightly larger then they are now. Or do they just seem that way because I am a grown up now and therefore they appear smaller.

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Yup, we used up all the fun!

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I swear they got smaller.

There was a few weeks in third grade when my mom would keep fun-size Milky Ways in the freezer for an after-school treat.

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Either way, I’m pretty sure that they got the wrong idea of labeling the bite-size bars “fun size.” I don’t know about you, but my idea of a fun size candy bar is one that would take up my entire kitchen. Now THAT would be a fun candy bar.

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The candy companies had originally planned on calling them “Fun-sucking size”, but there wasn’t room on the wrapper.

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I’m pretty sure they are smaller than they used to be.

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smaller or not, I AM getting bigger because of ‘em!

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Both, of course.

Down with high fructose corn syrup. Scourge of the West.

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They got WAY smaller! I hardly think they can even be referred to as “Fun Size” anymore!!!

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Micro size?

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Gerbil size?

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They are smaller so they can make more money off of us.

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@aidje: Maybe if they made them bigger, “fun-sucking” would fit!

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I just picked up a “fun size” 8-pack of Milky Way bars at CVS, I was in the mood for chocolate and figured I’d look for a bargain. Some bargain at 88 cents (on sale regulary they’re now $1.25) and indeed the bars are a lot smaller. They raise the price, cut the size, what a jip.

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I have an idea!! Since the candy companies and just about every other company is trying to screw us now; don’t buy their crappy micro-sized products. They will get the message fast!

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There’s been something of a trend in some food products recently, at least around here. A$7 grocery-store pizza used to feed a family of 4 with some left over, but now it’s closer to being a pan pizza, in terms of size. You see fewer and fewer half-gallon cartons of ice cream and more and more 1.75qt (or 1.78, which doesn’t even make sense) cartons, for the same price. And Coke Zero’s snazzy new implementation of the classic Coke bottle design? An excuse to introduce thinner plastic and shorter caps (with less plastic).

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haven’t noticed really…i know they are really small though only like 1 bite and there done >.>

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Everyone always blames greed and corporations trying to rip us off. They are not very smart. The truth is because the USA dollar has lost almost all of its value. Therefore to buy the ingredients it cost them more money. So they have to keep making them smaller to keep the price the same or raise the price to keep them the same size. Then they came out with king size which is actually the size of a regular candy bar 20 years ago and they charge double because it cost that much to produce the same size bar they used to be able to sell for 30 cents.

Blame the federal reserve and our government for inflating your money to extreme levels and making everything cost more buy printing more and more money making the dollar worth less and less. pay barely goes up but prices skyrocket. Thats what happens when a country goes into debt 14 trillion dollars. Read up on it its true. costs to produce things havent gone up in the last 40 years, its just your US dollar isnt able to buy as much.

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Ha ha. The Federal Reserve made the candybars smaller. Wah!!

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