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What comfort food cheers you and your family up?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19453points) April 3rd, 2020

For me meat, chocolate dipped ice cream, fresh fruit, milk and name brand pop.

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bacon, popcorn, biscuits, waffles and sausage, chips, chocolate milk, strawberry flavored milk, hot dogs, spaghetti and meatballs

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I love ice cream but haven’t had it for a very long time.

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We are ready for a Lasagna and end of next week a corned beef and cabbage (missed St Paddy’s day) maybe a smoked pastrami (from scratch on my smoker).

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Grilled cheese made with Velveeta.

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Bacon…or peanut butter…or chocolate…

Or all three on toast with a good cuppa strong dark-roast coffee!

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@Tropical_Willie That’s what I had tonight. It was delicious.

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Chocolate, all kinds of baked goods, especially homemade cookies and brownies.
Macaroni and Cheese, spaghetti, homemade soups and my sister’s tuna salad sandwiches.
Oh yeh and grilled cheese with tomato soup.

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Country gravy. Pour it over anything, smashed tators, chicken fried steak, biscuits, tators tots, or just serve it up in a mug, and I’ll chug a lug!

Follow that with a huge sticky wedge of German chocolate cake.
Oh gawd, I just gained fifteen pounds, thinking!

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Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup
Macaroni and Cheese

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Home-made tamales, chili with cornbread…these are what my mom has cooked lately. So glad to be home.

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The idea of eating for comfort is backward thinking at It’s finest.
If anyone feels the need for comfort then get creative or hug someone, laugh, dance, sing!
Anything but eat, just tape up your mouth if that’s what it takes lol

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I don’t have staff for that. ^

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Didn’t your mommy tell you It’s rude to point Miss Patsy?

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Ah Rick! We ordered carry out from a local Bistro. Rick went in to get it. When we got home I got curious about what was in it…turns out it was a slice of homemade carrot cake!
“I hate you, Rick!!”
He didn’t ask why. He knew why.
“You only get half!” He yelled back.
So I hated him half less.

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Only squeezing your lemons pet, turn that frown upside down :-)

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Mashed potatoes. had some last night. Found them very comforting.

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I find “comfort” in just about any food when I’m hungry!

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