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Am I near-sighted , far-sighted or something else?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19453points) April 3rd, 2020

I can read close up.
I can see far away traffic signs.
I can’t read the tv weather report
12 feet away with out glasses.
What am I?
Am I middle sighted?
Does middle sighted exist?
Or are my eyes just sore from overuse of computer screens?
My optometrist is closed due to Covid19.

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Well since the answer person is closed….. close your eyes and stay away from the computer screen.

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@Tropical_Willie Not gonna happen. Without television and internet I would have cabin fever very fast. I will however use my phone with the screen off, and take breaks several times every hour.

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Your eyes will hurt !

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Near sighted means you cannot see far away.

Far sighted means you cannot see close up.

There’s no such thing as middle sighted, NA you say you can’ see middle distance things anyway.

But you may have presbyopia, which is when your lens does not adjust easily because of age. So if you are looking at your phone or your computer and then shift to the TV, your eyes don’t refocus very quickly.

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Another possibility is astigmatism. This is a problem which occurs in people with an eyeball size which causes the eye to not adjust properly for accurate focus. Sometimes it will focus too far away, sometimes too close. It is possible to force a better focus, to some degree, but it causes the person to develop eye strain quickly. People can do this without realizing they are forcing their sight. It is bad to do very much of the forcing it.

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How far away traffic signs can you see? Are you actually driving (you are the driver) at 50 mph and can see a regular street sign in plenty of time to know the street coming up to be able to turn?

I think you probably are nearsighted and have an astigmatism. That’s my guess. It’s just a guess.

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@JLeslie The OP does not drive.

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You are something else!!! ;}
I don’t think that there is anything called middle sighted. It could be eye/brain coordination. There seems to be something that happens to us when we cross the age of 40. Things that worked yesterday suddenly don’t work today. It has something to do with how the light refracts in your eyes. When it happened to me, I thought that I needed a larger TV so everything would be larger. Then I visited a friend with a brand new 60” TV & I still couldn’t read the same things on the 60” that I couldn’t read on my 32”, so NO new big screen HD for me!!! When the salesman attempts to sell me the HDTV, I laugh & explain that it’s a waste of money because I still have SD eyes!!!

I’m a little confused…IF you don’t need glasses to read & you don’t need glasses to see far off, WHY do you have glasses to put on that clears up the weather on TV??? Maybe it’s time to give in & get your eyes checked by an eye doctor!!! I recognize from past Q’s from you that you do indeed have an eye problem & just don’t want to accept it; so, get your butt to an eye doctor to make sure it’s nothing worse than just needing new glasses!!!

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Too much time on digital screens ..take a break from that.
Also reading to much..give your eyes a break after reading a bit.

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@zenvelo I guess my point there was people can maybe think they are seeing far, but when you are the driver you need to see much farther ahead than a passenger. 20/40 might be adequate for a driver, but a passenger might be 20/60 and feel like they see far ahead, but really do have a far sought problem.

I could be wrong about my guess though, it’s just a guess.

@RedDeerGuy1 Next time you’re at the doctor, even a GP, he can probably test your vision. Just the simple chart on the wall like when we are children. Maybe you can just do it yourself at home. Measure how far you are and you can see clearly.

You eventually should get your eyes checked though. Not during this COVID19 virus. I wouldn’t go near an eye doctor now unless it was an emergency. More than basic sight test you need to check for glaucoma. Plus, I do think you have an astigmatism.

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@JLeslie I had my eyes checked a few months ago. The optometrist said that my eyes are fine, except that I needed glasses. I don’t know what the prescription was. I don’t know if it was near or far sighted.

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