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Is there really a market for "Geotagging" photos?

Asked by Mr_M (7596points) September 2nd, 2008

I’m reading articles talking about cameras with a built in GPS such that the info on each picture you take not only included the camera model, etc., but also the latitude and longitude of the location the picture was taken. Do you need that?

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Not sure, a lot of people buy a camera for the looks I suppose. A friend of mine has a really neat camera that looks really spiffy ‘n all, but it includes an accelerometer! I mean, wtf.

Then again, the iPhone has shown that people will also pay for such a thing in phones.

Besides, for a phone that has GPS+camera it’s quite logical to add geodata to pictures.

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It depends what you do with your photos. If you want them to be able to be easily added to maps, it’s pretty useful. But then again, geotagging can be done manually (placing the photo on a map).

Cameras don’t “need” a lot of the features modern cameras have. Doesn’t stop ‘em from adding more though.

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Geotagging photos is needed in a few keys areas, but there is not a huge market I am aware of. My dad is a mycologist and this would help him carry less equipment (camera + a Garman hand held unit). It might be mostly a gimmick, it really depends on the accuracy of the GPS module. It the units get sub-meter accuracy they could be useful for crime scene surveyors.
I guess it could also help you remember where you took some cool pictures in the middle of nowhere on amazing journey.
Otherwise no, it would just be a cool waste of money.

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I find it is useful for the prepose of documentation. For example, in the Colorado Springs area, there has, supposedly, been no sing of lynx for a few decades, but just a few months ago, I was able to photograph one in the wild in the mountains with a friend and because he had a GPS unit on his D300, it was proof of where and when we saw it. That greatly helped him and the rangers to track it down. Don’t know if they ever did, but at least we know where we saw it once.

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