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My son keeps on peeping at me even though i gave him the talk, what do i do?

Asked by aelmason (4points) April 21st, 2020

My son who is 12 years old, keeps on peeping at me every time he gets a chance, I feel uncomfortable to even walk around in a dress or sport clothes, in worry that he will look at me while I’m not looking.
Even after I gave the talk he still does it to me.

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Show him what he wants to see – get it over with. He’ll discover that there’s nothing special about a couple of boobs and leave you alone.

It’s the mystery that is driving him. Take away the mystery and there’s nothing there.

Keep in mind he is 12 years old and not an adult. You may have given him “the talk” but he still has hormones.

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How about a book about human sexuality with pictures? That would creep me out. If the book doesn’t work, have dad or an uncle or someone sit him down for a man to man talk.

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Slap him! It’s what you’d do if he was some man…

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He’s twelve. You’re his mother. Soon he’ll have more interesting women to look at. Don’t make an issue at of it or you’ll create more of a problem. Just be aware and don’t act particularly flirtatious or sexual around him and make sure you are always clothed when he’s around. Otherwise, leave it be and let him develop normally.

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@elbanditoroso What? You would seriously just expose your naked body or parts of it to a 12yr old? That’s not at all OK.

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@Coolhandluke I’ll never forget seeing my mom naked as a kid and being grossed out by stretch marks. I wouldn’t recommend it either. At least with books they get the facts and education out of it. Did you see the movie Good Boys? It was fun and kind of related to this subject.

@SmashTheState Funny!

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@KNOWITALL I haven’t seen that, no. I would have been mortified if my mom flipped up her shirt to show me her chest at 12! There’s no way that should be done purposely lol.

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Sit together & watch Bates Motel.
Then say to him…“you see son, you don’t want to kill mommy now do you?”

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Point out girls his age who are beginning to develop. Other than that, he’ll grow out of it soon enough.

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@kritiper I think (in fact I know) it would be highly embarrassing for a kid to have hims Mom point out girls who are developing.

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