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What do you think of this scary political scenario?

Asked by LostInParadise (28991points) April 21st, 2020

Suppose first that Trump wins re-election, which is scary enough in itself. Then in the next election Pence runs as president with Trump as vice-president under the assumption that Pence would soon resign, allowing Trump to become president. If this worked, Trump could keep doing this and end up being president for life.

There is nothing in the Constitution that says that a person can’t serve more than two terms. The limit is only on how many terms they can be elected for.

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Trump cannot run as Vice President after being president twice.

It’s called the 22nd Amendment

I stand corrected the 22nd only applies to Presidents not people that could succeed to Preisdent.

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The same thing has been asked about Obama doing the same thing.

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@Tropical_Willie is correct.

But what scares you so much about Trump being re-elected? Has the country gone to pot? (well, yes, but how much of it is Trump’s doing?)

Would you seriously rather have Joe Biden? His and Hunter’s close ties with China ought to be a serious concern, If you don’t like Trump, you should still be terrified. Hope for something better.

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How about Trump private and close ties with PUTIN ?

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Pence is about as animated and engaging as a clothing dummy in a store. He drones on about how wonderful Trump is but very little that’s intelligent comes out of his mouth (Pence’s mouth). Hopefully he wouldn’t get elected for anything.

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Trump doesn’t have any ties with Putin.

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@mazingerz88 I grew up with a saying:
Democrats believe that goverment is the solution while Republicans believe that government is the problem. Whenever the Republicans win office they keep proving that point.
When a Republican screws up they end up winning, and they keep proving that point.

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Let me count the ways!

Here’s a chart with multiple connections Between Putin and Trump !

Oh I know you’ll cover your eyes LAh lah LAh The guy is a gangster and harming the USA.

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Some myths, charts, aren’t worth debunking anymore.

Unless I see some kind of evidence in political actions with national or world events, favoring Putin or the Russians, such diagrams, stories, myths, should be treated with circumspect. How much time and hundreds of millions of dollars, and lives ruined, trying to make a case for this?

In fact, we see the opposite. Sanctions, oil market decisions, all have cost Russia dearly.
We HAVE uncovered a lot of vices on the investegators, and a few process crimes on Trump supporters. But little else.

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LA LA LA LA LA It isn’t a myth ! !

YOU KNOW you are acting like you have A PROBLEM WITH REALITY ! !

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All of Putin’s actions are DESTABILIZATING things in the USA !

When are you moving to Putin land ? ?

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The democrats and their media have been a major destablizing force in America since Trump was elected. They’ve done nothing but obstruct and distract, even in times of dealing with COVID-19. And have been in bed with Russia for over seventy years.

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One recent example. Nancy Pelosi has held up economic aid to businesses and workers last weekend—insisting on pork-barrel items of their own agenda, having nothing to do with Covid or the economy. Meanwhile, showing off her luxuriant freezers and gourmet ice cream, while Americans are going hungry with no hope in sight. Then, while denying the aid, soliciting for everyone to send her ten dollars because the Republicans are “trying to unseat” her.

The media blames Trump for the delays in aid, in six different ways, which was held up by the Democrats. The Democrats have chosen adversarial leaders whose sole purpose is to destabilize the nation.

The Democrats were trying to unseat Trump when this crises began, and claiming Trump was a racist and xenophobe.

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That’s not scary, It’s hilarious :D

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You think that’s hilarious what about Bernie now announcing he will run again in 2024?

He must have AOCD!

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That’s just sad, he will be pushing up dasies by then, bless the owld git!

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