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Good Free Video Making software for my mac?

Asked by swimmindude2496 (322points) September 2nd, 2008

Any one as long as it is free and is made for Mac

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iMovie comes with all macs

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iMovie is great.

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iMovie is a great app (except for iMovie 08) But you can use iMovie or simply browse the video applications on downloads @ There are some really great light weight freeware and shareware apps that you can get a hold of if you don’t want to use iMoive.

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iMovie classic and iMovie 08 is not the same application, they really can’t be compared. personally i think the 08 version is better suited for the ilife suit, but iMovie classic might be more powerful.

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Definitely the two iMovie’s cannot be compared, for simple thrown to together stuff or viral vids 08 will serve the purpose. But if you want to get in depth even a little bit I would recommend the old iMovie, Final Cut Express, or another editing program on the Apple downloads site.

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