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How do you "unmirror" PhotoBooth's videos?

Asked by xTheDreamer (897points) December 7th, 2010

Hi, I’ve noticed that when I take pictures and videos in PhotoBooth it’ll mirror them.

I’ve figured out how to “unmirror” the pictures but Is till can’t figure out how to do that with videos.
How do you “unmirror” the videos in PhotoBooth?
Is there a setting or so that I can set the mirroring off or something?

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Until someone posts a shorter/easier way to do this – use this method as a temporary fix.

-Record your video in Photobooth.
-Drag the icon (of the video you just recorded) to your desktop.
-Open the video with QuickTime7 (not the new QT).
-Click on the ‘Window’ tab.
-From that drop down menu, click on ‘Show Movie Properties.’
– -(Pressing ‘Command’ & ‘j’ will also pull up the window you need)
-Inside the Movie Properties window, you will see three items listed. The movie as a whole. The sound track & the video track.
-Click on the ‘video track’.
-Down below – click on the ‘Visual settings’ tab.
-You will see a ‘Flip/Rotate’ row of buttons. (4 buttons)
-Clicking on the first button will mirror or unmirror the video.
-Close the window.
-Quit & save.

I do apologize that I don’t know of an easier method. Hopefully someone else knows of a better way – for both of ours sake.

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@rpm_pseud0name I had no idea you could do that. Thanks!
The answer I had when I clicked on this question was to record video in QuickTime X instead of PhotoBooth by clicking on File >> New Movie Recording.

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