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Do you use or regularly see anything in your home environment that has Roman numerals on it?

Asked by Jeruba (51894points) May 3rd, 2020

For example, a clock. A multivolume book. A souvenir coin.


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Some of my shirt labels have the Roman numeral for 50, but for some reason, the looser fitting ones have the numerals for 40. ;-0

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Only my television guide this month. All of the Rocky movies.

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Several clocks.

Ironically, they have IIII for four, which should be IV

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A clock that was originally owned by grandfather – clock made approx. 1885–1888.

It works when I remember to wind it.

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A clock, I think that’s the only thing.

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I’ve been looking and looking but I don’t see a thing.

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I have two clocks and a wristwatch. It wasn’t easy to find a wristwatch with Roman numerals, but it was worth the hunt. There are some multivolume books around here with Roman numerals. I also have a bronze medallion with IX on it.

I’m guessing that there’s a convention for timekeeping devices to use IIII in place of IV for 4 so it won’t be a confusing mirror image of VI, especially since the VI is at the bottom and typically upside down. I don’t think there’s anything ironic about it.

I used to have some T-shirts with “Asilomar” and various Roman numerals on them, but it’s been a while.

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They’re in some music books I have. They’re also on a few problem sets I’ve written that I keep on a shelf.

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Sobriety chips, (metal souvenir coins) given to people in recovery on the anniversary of their sobriety date, have a number in Roman numerals.

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This post, which is the XIth one in this thread.

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The highest Roman numeral is M.

If exponential notation is applied to that numeral, perhaps a million would be M^II. ;-p

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Book copyrights sometimes express years in Roman numerals.

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