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What are some of your favorite ways to make scrambled eggs?

Asked by rockfan (12965points) May 8th, 2020 from iPhone

I tend to eat my scrambled eggs with just salt and pepper, but I’ve been thinking of changing it up a bit. Any suggestions? Out of the box ideas are welcome too.

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I had some lardons in the fridge, so I fried them up. And then I sautéed some spinach in olive oil. Melted some butter in a non stick skillet, added four beaten eggs and then dumped in the lardons and spinach and scooped the scramble right up.


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I usually have them the way you do but they are good loaded up with vegetables.

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I add cheese and eat with Ketchup.

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Pretty much limitless options. Scrambled eggs, are like an omelet.

What I typically add is cheese, scallions (green onions,) diced tomatoes, and eat it with sour cream. Obviously, I use butter, salt, and pepper. I usually start, by whipping the eggs, in a bowl, combined with some milk, and pour them into a pan, after some butter has melted in the pan…

I add ingredients in stages. Tomatoes, for example, I put in when the eggs, are almost done…

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Mix so much as to add air bubbles and cook in oven or stove top. Add name brand Ketchup.

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Sometimes I’ll add some chopped up peppers, and/or sometimes some cheese in the mix. Muenster goes really well, because it’s mild and buttery. Cheddar is another good option. Sometimes I put a little ketchup on top when it’s plated, but usually just salt and pepper.

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Wife likes it when I cook the scrambled eggs and add rice (cooked the night before) and Cheddar cheese.

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I cut a small potato into small cubes, fry them and then add three whisked eggs and fry until the eggs are cooked.

Sometimes instead of a potato I use an onion.

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Add a little milk to the eggs, and a bit of garlic. Salt and pepper.

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I’ve tried eggs with ketchup before, but couldn’t finish eating it. The mild taste of ketchup doesn’t compliment eggs well at all, in my opinion. I love sriracha with my eggs though

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The best eggs I’ve ever eaten were cooked in bacon grease.

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Add shiitake mushrooms, and sweet peppers.

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