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Favorite quick and easy make-at-home breakfast?

Asked by SamIAm (8703points) April 1st, 2011

The doctor said I need protein in the morning!

Today, I made eggs in a coffee mug in the microwave – just threw in some torn up turkey, hot sauce, light cheese, salt and pepper. Delicious.

What’s your favorite quick morning meal?

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Yogurt with everything [fruits, nuts, granola, use your imagination]
Eggs in a coffee mug? I think I’ll try it.

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Eggs benedict. Muffin, slice of bacon, poached egg holandaise sauce. If your lazy you can poach the eggs in the microwave (you need a little doodaa to do it but it works quite nicely).

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Feta cheese and orange marmalade rolled up in a warm tortilla with a few chopped hazelnuts.

Cold pizza is always good.

English muffins with peanut butter.

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There is usually a bowl of hard-boiled eggs in the refrigerator. The grocery stores carry already-cooked poultry, and I occasionally get one and slice it up to nibble on or use on a sandwich. Mom has one of those special trays for microwaving bacon.

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What about french toast… yummmm :-) or another favourite is this:

Make toast. Cook some simple scrambled eggs, lay the scrambled eggs on the toast, lay either thinly sliced or grated cheese on top of the scrambled egg, grill the cheese. Season with salt/pepper to taste. Pour a nice glass of fresh milk (calcium is important too lol) or a glass of your favourite fresh fruit juice, or a nice cup or tea/coffee, whatever you fancy. Enjoy :-)

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2 hard-boiled eggs with a bit of mayo and pepper.

Peanut butter and sliced bananas on whole-wheat bread, with ground flax seed sprinkled on the peanut butter. Have with black coffee and a small glass of fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice

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@Jaltcoh that sounds delicious! GA everybody <takes notes>
hugs xx

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My world famous breakfast burritos. I make a huge batch at once and it refrigerates and reheats just as good as freshly made.

10–12 eggs, sage ground sausage, mushrooms, cheese, potatoes, onions, salt, and pepper. Cut potatoes into bite-sized chunks and boil in separate pot while browning mushrooms and onions. Then add all ingredients at once and mix as a scramble. Wrap in a warm tortilla and mmmmmm, heaven.

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I make my eggs sans the yolks. I do half egg whites half egg beaters, and then I make them scrambled or into an omelette.

My favorite omelette combos are:

Peppers, onions, and cheddar or American cheese

Mushrooms and cheddar

Italian breadcrumbs mixed in the eggs and small pieces of bread, and add mozerella on top when its cooking. I do it open face, more like a frittata. (The real way is to cook the cubed bread in butter first then pour on the egg and then the cheese, but I don’t fry the bread first to save some calories and fat).

My mexican relatives do a sandwich of refried beans and ham, “toasted” in one of those sandwich electric thingies.


Quesadilla with beans, veggie and cheese

Honestly the easiest thing is to just microwave some leftover lunch/dinner food. No reason you have to have stereotypical breakfast food for breakfast.

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I make a five or six egg white omelet almost daily. If I don’t have time for that, I have a protein isolate shake.

@SamIAm Did your doctor say what amount of protein you should aim for? (usually it’s between 25–40gms)

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It’s funny that you asked this, because I was looking for a recipe for salmon croquettes on the Web yesterday, and I came across this, which looked quick and easy and pretty tasty too.

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For the kids for breakfast I take some plain whole grain oatmeal put it in a bowl then add a little milk and microwave for 2 minutes cut up a banana and add a contanier of their favorite yogurt to it mix it together and give it to them. They love it and its better than all the chemicals that are in that premixed flavored oatmeal they have.

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Here is another that was created by my almost 3 year old that loves cheese. I will also make them scrambled eggs with a dash of milk mixed into the eggs to make them fluffier. Add a little salt and pepper to the eggs then after they are almost all cooked add the cheese which is Feta cheese. They are really good, my daughter just loves feta cheese and eats it just plain and one day she wanted it her eggs so we put it in and it was good.

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@MissAnthrope – I’ll be there tomorrow at 9am!

I’m not much of a breakfast-eater, myself. It’s either a bowl of cereal or, if I’m feeling adventurous, 2 scrambled eggs (with a little milk, like @creative1 said), cooked in a teensy frying pan that makes a perfectly bread-shaped egg patty. On toast. With ketchup. And sometimes a frozen hashbrown. (Yes, on the sammich.)

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Pizza Bagels! half them, put some cream cheese, your favorite red-sauce (I’ve used ketchup and it still comes out delicious) and pizza toppings, or sandwich meats and then smother it in shredded cheese. then stick it in the oven and preheat to 400 Fahrenheit. when It hits 400, it’s ready. Yum!

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eggs, toast, cereal, and juice

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I whip up my breakfast as soon as I get home from work at night. In a large 32 oz jug I add the following ingredients:

½ cup of raw oats; 1½ cups of wheaties (or other whole grain cereal); pinch of raisons (or craisons); 2 scoops of whey protein (52g protein); and 24 oz of skim milk.

I shake the above mixture vigorously to mix. Then I put it into the refrigerator to sit overnight. In the morning after my 1½ hour early morning physical fitness workout. I grab my breakfast as I’m running out the door to go back to work. During for my >1 hour commute I slam down my breakfast. Total kilo-calories is around 1000.

I don’t have time to sit down and eat a leisurely breakfast for I fill my belly the beat way that I can.

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Biscuits and gravy. I try to have some single serving portions in the freezer so i can just heat and eat.

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Quick n Easy: I pour 3 envelopes of Quaker Raisin/Walnut oatmeal in a bowl and add water. Microwave 60 sec. Remove bowl, add sugar and milk. Devour. Beforehand I often have a mug of Folger’s Instant Vanilla Cappucino which is Out of this World.

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Greek yogurt with sunflower kernels and a sprinkle of Kashi cereal. Yum.

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@SpatzieLover: Yep, 25–30 mgs in the morning she said.

Thanks guys, these all sound delicious!

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Scrambled eggs on toast. With some flakes of smoked salmon, if I have any. (There’s some in the frigde right now so guess what I’m having for breakfast tomorrow).

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Quick would be a yogurt parfait with frozen fruit medley and granola.

Favorite high protein would have to be an egg omelet with spinach, Muenster cheese, mushrooms, Vidalia onions, red pepper, bone in ham, and a table spoon of choritzo, Served with toasted whole wheat toast smeared with crunchy peanut butter.

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a hunk of french bread and a cup of strong coffee

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My doc also prefers that I eat a protein breakfast. I make an egg in this pan, toast a whole wheat English muffin, and put the egg on the muffin with a slice of cheese.

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Beat two eggs in a microwaveable dish; nuke for one minute.

Then add either 2 T low-fat cottage cheese or a glob of salsa. Microwave for another minute. Sprinkle 2 T. ground flax seed on top.

I also in the winter cook a batch of steel-cut oats in the slow cooker. Then each morning I heat up a C., add a T. of cinnamon, some sunflower seeds, 2 T. flax seeds and some dried fruit.

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Scrambled eggs, two tablespoon of ground flax seed and a side of homemade sauerkraut-GAK.
I love it!

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i like toast

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If I eat an actual breakfast, I go right back to sleep. So unless it’s a weekend, I mostly don’t eat it at all. Sometimes, though, I’ll grab a banana and a handful of sunflower seeds. Or a Nature Valley Peanut Crunch Bar.

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@augustlan I have a half a dozen of those in a bowl on my desk at work! YUM

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I love some steaming hot porridge in the morning . You can serve it with cream, or any sliced fruit of your choice . Yummy.

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I bought a container to make my own breakfast sandwiches in the microwave. It cooks the egg for you in the perfect shape for either a bagel thin, or bread thin and I add cheese, a little bit of salsa and a turkey sausage pattie, yum.

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Hashbrowns and melted cheese with scrambled egg! Yum!

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