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Do you think Fluther should have a 'Next question for you' link?

Asked by benseven (3189points) September 3rd, 2008

I love the link at the bottom of Fluther questions that you have activity in, which allow you to read through all your activity without going back to the ‘Activity for you’ screen. However, when it comes to then browsing through ‘Questions for you’ there’s not the same kind of link for working through. This would require a ‘not interested’ or ‘remove’ addition to the question’s page, though, so you could still help Fluther filter out questions you’re not able to help with. What do you think?

And what colour socks are you wearing?

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That would be sweet. I didn’t even know you could do that for the Activity For You, so thanks so much for alerting me to that! Yep. Good idea by you.

I’m not wearing socks, my feet are all black on the bottom from walking around the supermarket in bare feet. Oops. Might go wash em and put on some nice clean warm socks cause my tootsies are cold now I think about it. Thanks for alerting me to that to!

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Yeah, sounds like a good idea to me.

black socks for me today

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great idea. every time i am surfing, i actually think “damn i wish there was a browsing link on the bottom” but i never bothered to send the designers a comment or anything. the best way to suggest features is to use the contact link and tell them what you would like. white socks

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Sure, I’ll do that. Thanks PnL!
Brown Socks.

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What are those?

September 3, 2008, 7:23 AM EDT

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Good idea – it’s frustrating to have to hit the back button.

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Great idea! I love the “next activity” feature, so the same type of thing for questions would be so handy!
I’m not wearing any socks.

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I vote yes! white socks

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Yes! im all for it. I actually do the same thing as PnL thinking it should be there, but never said anything, dont know why lol.

no socks just woke up

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Yes. No socks. Hate socks.

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@tiny; Ugh, me too!

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I answered before I knew about the socks… I’m in a pair of cute, open-toe sandals today, so no socks for me. I am a paradox of a woman… I LOVE shoes, but hate to wear them – especially with socks! That’s the first thing I do when I get in my front door!

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That’s a great idea. I never even thought about it until now and just kept hitting the questions for you button at the top to get back to the questions. Very wise, benseven, very wise you are. =)
I have on pink socks. There’s a tiny brown bear on it – about the size of a pinky finger print.

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You are the wearer of the pink socks. You clearly posess a higher level of wisdom!

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Yes, yes, yes! I wish for it daily.

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I wont click that link if fluther really add one.its the best way to waste ur time!

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