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Does anyone else have trouble with multiple tabs on Digg?

Asked by aidje (3657points) September 3rd, 2008

Once I have a few Digg tabs open, Firefox slows to a crawl and eventually just crashes.

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how much ram do you have? Are you running a bunch of other programs or loading other sites as well?

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Are you running the latest version of firefox? sounds to me that some scripts suck up your memory. also try to update your flash player.

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This has been happening for a while, but right now I’m using Firefox 3.0.1, Flash 9.0 r124, and Java Embedding Plugin My computer is a Rev A MacBook Pro with 1 GB of memory. This can happen even when all I’m running is Firefox and maybe a couple of menubar items, and while all I have open is Digg pages.

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This happens to me on a terminal server I use. It’s got 4 gigs of ram and there are usually only 8 people on it. I’m assuming that it’s something in the java/css encoding that makes it slightly unstable on my machine.

I can’t power-browse digg because as I try to open multiple upon multiple tabs the machine locks up. My firefox will eventually lock up if I try to do this too much but typically I have to force it closed.

(as an aside) Sometimes on digg, when I open up buried comments, the machine locks up for a minute.

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I do tend to open a lot of buried comments.

I get the feeling that Digg’s AJAX is just not very efficient, so that’s why I’m wondering if other people have trouble.

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