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Are you a smart computer-savvy? Please see if you can help me!

Asked by BonusQuestion (1483points) September 6th, 2008

There is a Firefox add-on called “Reload Every” that reloads a page every few seconds. I am looking for an add-on, code, program or whatever that does something more.

I want this add-on to reload the page every few seconds and then checks and sees if a certain phrase appears is in the page. If the phrase appears in the page, then it reloads the page again. If the phrase is not in the page it stops reloading.

I appreciate your help.

Thank You.

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go to that addon and look to see if there are any related addons. That might help. I’ve never needed something like that, so I couldn’t tell u specifically if there was an addon that did do what you wanted.

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I have no idea how to make the addon, but have to ask: how is the phrase going to appear on the page if it doesn’t reload unless it’s already there….??

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Very good point. I wonder what BonusQuestion is actually trying to accomplish.

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dingus108— I searched but I couldn’t find anything.

wildflower- Easy. Some part of the website is randomly generated and changes every time you refresh the page.

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I guess I am probably not clear. The phrase is in the page. I want to refresh the page enough times so that the phrase goes away.

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Does this have to be done in browser? It would be easier for this type of functionality to be done with something like python, where it could continuously spider the page until the phrase disappeared.

The thing is, what you’re asking is really intense on the site and can get you in trouble for flooding it. If you were looking to grep through a few thousand sites it wouldn’t matter, but because you’re looking for just the one it’s gonna keep hammering away at it. I guess it would help us all better if you were more specific on what you’re using it for. I don’t seem to understand what the purpose of searching the page for a phrase and then refreshing unless you’re looking for functionality like growl on os x.

Oh and what operating system are you using? XP, Leopard, Ubuntu?

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tWrex – I am looking for pages that don’t have a specific phrase. Then I need to have these pages open in a browser because I need to read them and “comment” on them. So I don’t know if it might help me if it could be done in something else other than a browser.

Usually the phrase disappears after at most 50 times of refreshing the page and most of the times 10–20 refresh is enough, so I don’t think it gets me into trouble or is considered flooding the website. (or is it?!!)

And yes, I am using XP.

Thank you for trying to help me.

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Wow. Ok. Ummmm… While it shouldn’t get you in trouble for flooding the site, you may want to be careful with it. As far as what you’re looking for… I’m dead ass tired, BUT I’ll take a look at it tomorrow. I already have a few ideas: using a site scraper and then grepping (searching) through the code for the phrase, then checking it again until it does show up… But my problem comes into launching the site. All of the rest of that can be done with a small ruby or python script. I think I may have a way of doing it, but I’ll have to write some code and test it first and you’ll probably need to install some software as well, but it should be fine. Nothing that’s out of this world or anything. Anywho.

I need some sleep though, so I’ll look at it tomorrow sometime. Hope this isn’t time sensitive and if it is let me know. =) If there are any other techno nerds out there that think I’m off base or going way outta my way let me know.

I actually think I may be able to do this an easier way… Are the words surrounded by a certain html tag? Is this a single site thing or across a whole plethora of sites? Off to bed, so I’ll check in in the morning.

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Hm, no I don’t think the words are surrounded by any HTML tags. For now it is just a single website but I might want to use it for other purposes.

Take your time. I am not in rush. Thank you again! :)

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Oh! Do you have a sample page of the site you want to use it on? (could you point me to it or could you save the page. I need to see the html) And the Phrase that you want gone as well? Thanks!

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I happened to stumble across this searching. When I was watching my sister’s plane move across the country I used it and whenever I double clicked the tab it refreshed the page.

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Oops.. Here is the link. Sorry

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I’m still working on your issue. I’ve got some of it figured out and coded already, but I’m going to have to spend a few days on it. Today got wasted because I was watching my 3 month old niece. =) I’ll throw what I’ve got thus far up tomorrow sometime, although my schedule this week blows. doctors never know what’s wrong until they put you through 800 tests that your insurance may or may not cover and they’ll schedule them every day instead of just doing them all on one day. grrr… lame

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Thanks again. I appreciate your help a LOT.

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Using this library Beautiful Soup I’m attempting to extract the contents of the site you told me about and then output it to a file and then use regular expressions to search through the file for the words you’re looking for. I may try to just use regex to search through the output, but I’m not sure which would be easier at this point. After that… I dunno how I’m gonna notify your computer or open a site for you. So I’m kinda halfway there thus far, but we’ll see what I can do after I get through the first part. As it is you’re going to have to install a bit of software for this.

I thought about using Greasemonkey and making a script to do it using javascript, but my javascript isn’t what it used to be and it would be much more intensive than my little python script. Plus it’ll run faster as a python script. Using my basic script I’ve written so far and using some of the built in command line options I have, it takes less than a second to run. =) Hopefully I’ll get it hammered out fully tomorrow.

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@bonus did my link help?

@tWrez I use Greasemonkey for colored profiles on facebook and it works great.

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swim- Thank you for the link but that is not exactly what I want. If I use that, I have to sit down, search for the phrase myself and double click to reload the page. Thank you anyway!

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Sorry That is what it seemed like you meant.

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@swimmingdude2496 Greasemonkey is really nice and a great tool if used correctly, but as I said, my javascript is dated at best, so I don’t feel comfortable trying to write a whole script using it.

@BonusQuestion, I’m still pounding away at your little project here. I do apologize for taking so long, but too many doctors like me wayyyy too much, so I get to see them every day. =) If you want a functional version of what I have (it’ll require you to do quite a bit of tinkering) I can get it to you tomorrow morning. Just let me know. =)

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tWrex – Thank you so much. I appreciate your help. I am not in rush. Whenever it is available I will take it! :D

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