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What can I do with an 11' X 1' PVC pipe?

Asked by gondwanalon (18278points) 1 month ago

This thing is gigantic and weighs at least 50 pounds and is ½ inch thick. Looks in good condition here.

It came with an ancient Hobie Cat 16 sail boat. The sails were stored inside the PVC pipe.

So what would you do with this thing?

List it as FREE in Craigslist?

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Figure out what it’s worth (if anything).

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Do plumbers use that? It is huge! I think it’s worth a couple hundred dollars, may more.

Try craigslist, Facebook, or freecycle (do you want to give it away for free?).

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Dig out a five foot depth and bury one end that deep in a vertical position. Mount a bird feeder on top. Aim a critter cam at the base, and post videography of squirrels and coons trying to scale the pipe.

Make it into a potato canon, but shoot throw pillows. (I would want to see footage of that!)

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Long distance, long range pea shooter.

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Thanks for all the ideas.

@elbanditoroso You could launch pumpkins with this thing!

@stanleybmanly one site lists a 12” x 10’, 50 pound PVC pipe for $135.

@JLeslie I just want it gone.

@Patty_Melt Cool idea.

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@Inspired_2write Perhaps you don’t realize the size of this thing. Thanks anyway.

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I watched a guy on youtube turn one into an extended outdoor faucet today. It only took him about 30 minutes. Check Lowe’s & see what they sell their lengths for & then put it n Craig’s List or on FB. You could sit it out on your curb with a sign saying “free for the taking”. There are a lot of people who would take it just because it is free!!!

Donate it to Goodwill.

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@ about 20 seconds in…

I think some are reading the feet as inches.

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It can be cut down to variety of sizes.

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Perhaps it can be cut into sections and used as planters.

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