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The only people I hesitate being direct with are my husband’s family because I’ve learned over time just how extremely passive aggressive they are, and eventually you have to be like them to deal with them.

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Yep. I’m both open and straightfoward and I don’t think everyone is comfortable with that or used to it, sometimes it’s perceived as anger or aggression (this happens way more online, my demeanor in person does the work for me. That’s harder to express in text.)

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@ANef_is_Enuf -You’ve never struck me as an angry or aggressive person.

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It depends entirely on the context.

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For the most part but I do try to soften the delivery often.
@Anef I completely understand. I find the East Coast are easy for me to work with. They get it haha!

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Yes. I’m direct and to-the-point most of the time. I don’t like sugar-coating, I don’t like ignoring bad behavior because the person exhibiting it is a friend or family member; all of this has the potential to leave me friendless and alone. It hasn’t because the people who matter aren’t put off by it. Doesn’t mean I’m always right in how I approach these things, but I don’t know how to be any other way than direct.

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I am diplomatic in many answers to uncomfortable questions. I will answer the question, but usually I am careful not to hurt others feelings.
“Does this dress make me look fat?”
“How do you like the potato salad?”
“Do you think the economy is more important than decreasing the death rate?”
“Do you think my kids are right?”

These are land mines that need to be correctly answered without having them blow up in your face.

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@Demosthenes -“he people who matter aren’t put off by it.” Yep

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Yes, sometimes to a fault!!!

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I’m tactful mostly and only direct when pressured.

If someone tries to feed me BS then I can suddenly turn into an arrogant SOB. Directness on steroids. HA!

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I usually tend to be diplomatic. I try not to hurt people’s feelings, I don’t go giving my opinion on a lot of things where it’s unwarranted, and I learned from doing the work that I do that there are times to say things and there are times to keep quiet, and when it’s time to say things, I try to pick and choose my words carefully.

If the circumstances call for directness, I’ll be direct. If I’m unhappy with service at a store or hotel or something like that, I have no problem speaking up.

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Yes and no.

I don’t tip toe.
But I do meander.

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