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Hypothetical question: If Churches were to fully reopen by next Sunday would you attend?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (20613points) May 24th, 2020

If you are a church going person would you attend a full church right now?
Why would you not go if they were open?

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Nope. Too many people around me either vulnerable or work with vulnerable people. Also, I fall into :“high risk” categories.

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Thanks @zenvelo I would wait a few months as well.

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No, I am a “high risk” person also.

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I drove by six different churches this morning on my way to my daughter’s house. Four Baptist (this is Georgia, after all), one Korean Christian, and one Catholic.

All of them were closed (no one in parking lot, signs on the doors). On three of them – ones with message boards – there was a “Pray with us Online” message.

So the market has spoken. People where I live aren’t interested in attending church in person. Despite what Trump said.

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No. I don’t usually go to church anyway, really only on Christmas eve. So no, I’m good until at least Christmas eve 2020.

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During my isolation stint, I discovered a television preacher that I like. At this point, I feel safer watching him from the confines of my home where I know where my hands have been and when they were washed last. I don’t “have to” go to church in order to worship God. He will tell me when it is time for me to return to His house. God loves me just as much from my home as He does from a church seat

trump only cares when we return to church because he thinks it will get him the Christian vote. He doesn’t go to church and he doesn’t give a rat’s ass whether or not I go to church. He was tanking in the polls with the evangicals and he’s hoping this will pull him back up

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Only to ask the preacher for advice. I watch Joel Osteen’s audience free Covid19 sermons.

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Churches everywhere are opening their doors, but they’re all following their own timeframe. Our church will open this Wednesday, with limited attendance. Classes will be held at different times to accommodate the limited number inside. Social distancing rules will apply and masks will be worn. Bathrooms will be sanitized between classes, and lots of other details have been addressed.

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And that is a good thing, glad to see your church is adhering to safety.snowberry

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As far as fully reopening, that’s a moving target. Whatever being “fully open” means is unclear at this time. It certainly won’t look like it did before the virus.

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No waiting for vaccine and less than 400 people in church.

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Probably not, only because I am not interested in participating in much of anything with “restrictions” (I go to the grocery store because I don’t have a choice, but most other things I’m avoiding). I’m a sporadic attendee who mainly goes for family reasons and I would normally go on Pentecost, which is coming up, but this year I doubt I will.

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The last time I went to church, was on 1/1/04. If Pence somehow becomes prez and they force nonbelievers to be injected with an anti-atheism “vaccine”, I might go after that. ;-)

I wonder if there are any at-home Communion options for Cathlicks. If there are, then the only reason to go to church would be to purchase their whine & wafers.

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▲ Snarknado Alert!!!▲

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It would depend on my wife. I would go by myself since I’m not a high risk person and really don’t worry too much about this thing. I’m not particularly a “hugger” so I’m not worried about that. I also suspect that attendance would be thin because of many of the examples listed above. But if the wife had a particularly hard spot with me attending, I would postpone…for now.

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No. I’m not stupid.

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My congregation and many others have pivoted to providing various virtual services and social and support groups via the internet. I am fully confident that they will not reopen until they are secure that it is safe to do so and even then, I will see what I think. One of the ministers of the faith I belong to wrote a letter to Trump explaining to him that religion does not need a building to be practiced and that most religious institutions are working hard to provide support and comfort safely to their congregants in this difficult time. Also, that neither he or any governor has the ability to demand that churches, nosques or synagogues be opened.

It’s a shame our Fearless Leader has no understanding of religion but a great desire to pander to the most gullible (putting it tactfully) of his base.

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I am in a high risk group.
I am not too worried about dropping dead from Covid.

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@lucillelucillelucille You often say that and I’ve wondered why you are not worried? Have you not read any of the descriptions from doctors and nurses about how bad a bad case of it can be and the high risks associated with going on ventilators? And the potential serious side effects if one does survive a bad case or intubation? Or are you fortunate enough that it is not prevalent in your area? In my state, over 10,000 people have died of it and there are close to 300 cases in my town alone. I’m not living in mortal dread of dying of it but it certainly seems like there is cause for both precaution and worry. Why do you feel immune?

I am asking this in all seriousness because I don’t understand.

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@janbb -It’s not in my nature to worry.When confronted with any health issue (believe me I have had them) I take care of it, do what I can until I can’t.Worry doesn’t come into play.

Of course I have read about it.
Just last week, Colorado was forced to revise it’s death numbers down by 23% and Dr Brix believes the CDC has inflated their numbers by 25%.
They’ve counted about 500 cases in my county.
Who says I feel immune?? I might have had it back in February. I won’t know for sure unless I am tested.
Precaution is one thing, worry is another and I don’t often indulge in worry.

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Got it. I inferred from your statement “I am in a high risk group.
I am not too worried about dropping dead from Covid.” that you didn’t think you would get it.

I am not worried (much) now because I am taking precautions. I admire your stoicism though.

But we’ve gotten away from the OP about going to church if they reopened.

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@janbb -Thanks:)
As for the question,I haven’t felt the need to go to mass for a long time but I do believe in God.
They did have a drive in mass here about a month ago.I guess many people attended.
The photo in the paper showed the preacher with a mask on.
The sermon went something like this:Mffph hpp spth fmmm hppp.:D

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I would attend, but I can assure you that there wouldn’t be many in attendance.

Hypothetically, however, I would not attend a ‘full’ church. They’re doing okay without me,

The gist of the question makes me question whether you really understand the issue, @SQUEEKY2. Let’s say a church has volunteers in gloves and masks handing out free Easter candy and maybe a tract or card to families on Easter Sunday, driving up in their cars. They are following all the precautions. But they are fined/ticketed ,threatened, and shut down. Meanwhile, just across the street, Walmart is open, people lined up back to back with and without masks, to get in, and the Drive Thru at McDonald’s is busier than ever.

These police-state tactics are probably okay with those of you who have never lived under them, but are unconstitutional, and not the way we are used to living in the free world.

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I thought I answered this earlier, but I don’t see it now. My church never closed.They met on member’s farms where there was plenty of room to social distance. On one particular Sunday, everyone stayed in their car in the parking lot & a local radio station allowed the preacher to broadcast over their frequency & everyone in their car was listening to that station. I’ve chosen to worship from home & will continue to do so until I feel safer being in crowds!!!

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I gave up genuflecting before imaginary beings for Lent, however in this century social distancing does not seem to be a problem at many of these venues for the delusional.

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I’m in the high risk group too, and I’m not going to waste time worrying about it either.

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No, and many of our smaller ones are open with safety measures in place. My at risk mother has gone two weeks in a row now.
The mega churches I’m not sure about, but I wouldn’t go to those anyway.

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