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What job do you think has the highest level of stress?

Asked by lucillelucillelucille (34046points) 1 month ago

Could you handle doing this job?

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Air Traffic Controller – - Don’t want the job.

Went to graduate school with a retired controller, he was 35 and had been at O’Hara Chicago for three years.

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In 2020, a policeman.

I can barely handle coming to Fluther so probably not.

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Combat infantryman

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Many jobs are difficuly, but in different ways.

Brain or heart surgeon



Explosives – bomb disposal technicians

president of the US (although not this one)

airplane pilot to a degree

For that matter – bank robbers have a certain amount of job-related stress.

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Minimum wage worker.

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@Patty_Melt -I never got paid for my experiments. :(

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Stress is something that is hard to quantify, especially because different people experience stress in different ways, and have varying responses to it.

For me, I’d definitely not want to be a police officer during this time. Even before the protests and the Covid, it’s stressful now anyway with departments’ guidelines, etc. I guess like any job, it might depend on where you work and in what capacity. A job in NYC is going to be different than a job in Mayberry, USA. A job in a tourist area like Orlando or Daytona or Myrtle Beach is going to be different than a job in a little town off the beaten path.

I’d not want to work in any type of customer service job, getting cursed at, made fun of, belittled. Some people do that and take it with a grain of salt. Especially because they often work for minimum or very low wage with poor benefits.

Any type of Child Welfare job can be very stressful. I can tell you that from experience. My bet is that Probation Officer would be just as stressful. The wages and bennies for both of these jobs might or should be good, though.

You could have a great job but if you have an awful supervisor that you can’t stand, that would be very stressful, too.

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Right @jca2? The most horrible stress I experienced in my life was when I owned the mower shop. It was 4 straight years of code red emergency.

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@jca2 -All true.
I’d have to say any job where your life is expected to be in danger.Military/police/guards,etc.
It is interesting how different types of people handle different stressors.

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Black people.

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Air Traffic Controllers.
I couldn’t deal with the combination of stress and boredom.

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You make a ton of cash or you’re broke, either way…you’re screwed!

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After Clinton, Bush Jr and Obama, I’m sticking to President. Only a few things in life change your hair from dark to white that fast.

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@KNOWITALL – I’ve noticed that too.

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@lucillelucillelucille That’s why I try my hardest to be respectful regardless of who’s in office at the time. They know a lot more than us about everything, no matter how hard we try.

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Off the top of my head… A waitress!

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They say cab driver. In some places, yes, but it depends on what city you drive for. When I did it, my worst problems were people who jumped out without paying, and men who thought I chose driving a cab to meet men.

I imagine driving a cab right now is stressful no matter where you are.

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@Patty_Melt – I’ve wondered about that.

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@Patty_Melt “When I did it, my worst problems were people who jumped out without paying”

That’s when you run them over. Pay the cab driver or pay the hospital/undertaker.

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I said it was a problem. I never said I failed to deal with it. People doing that forget I am in a car, and they are on foot. I chased a guy around a gravel parking lot once. I had no intention of running him over, but I put the fear of me into him. He got sprayed with gravel a few times, and I was close enough most of the time that his trench coat was flapping against my front bumper. Each time he tried to break for the trees I intercepted. The comic value for me paid the fare, but I still got my money anyway. He called the other cab company to go home. They are both owned by the same parent company, and use the same dispatchers. She recognized the pick up address as being the same block as my reported runner. She sent him a cabbie who drove a former police car. As the driver approached the drop point, he hit the master lock. The passenger could not run. He freaked out. The driver quoted him a price, and he argued the meter read less than half that. The driver said the meter was for that ride, but he was also collecting for his friend who had not been paid, and the tip he owed me for my trouble. The guy paid, and I made bank.

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