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How do you get rid of ants in the house?

Asked by chyna (46911points) June 9th, 2020 from iPhone

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I’ve had good success blocking the tiny holes they were using to come inside with a bit of modeling clay. You don’t really need to worry about a single stray ant climbing in through an open window, but it becomes a problem when they find their own entrance.

Also, definitely remove their reason to come inside. If you can identify a food source, seal it well.

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Terro ant baits work amazingly if you can find where they are coming in at.

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Ants are incontinent. Other ants follow the trail. To get rid of ants, you need to clean the trail.
You will also need to find the entry point on the outside of the house. Douse that with ant spray.

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Ant bait. Also, throughout clean counters and floors.

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If you can’t find the entry point put the bait next to their trail in your home. We had this issue in Illinois. The baits do help. Good luck!

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Terro liquid ant baits. It’s a nice food source, they lead other ants to it, the borax in the mix kills them off. Works like a charm.

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I’ve had good luck with Terro. Or you can call a professional exterminator.

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I basically agree with everyone else. If I can figure out where they coming in I get out my caulk and caulk it up and spray some ant killer. If I am not exactly sure where the opening is, but I see the trail of ants, I put those little drops of aunt bait that they walk through and bring back to the nest and self poison the nest. If you have pets you might be reluctant to lay down poison. if you can close off that room to your pet, then you can consider it, and then clean it up fully after a week. I also spray around the outside of my house about twice a year with bug spray. If you see aunt hills in your lawn the aunt killer granules work like magic. They ant hill collapses within in days. My mom used to use boiling water. Pool aunts, I do feel badly for them actually.

If the aunts are in your kitchen be super fastidious about not leaving any food out. Some ants are very attracted to sugar, some are attracted to grease. If they are near your stove consider pulling the stove out from the wall if it is an over stove unit, and clean the sides and behind, you would not believe how dirty it gets thee if you don’t have those guards between the stove and the counter. I just did it, and I am shocked I don’t have ants. I really should clean back there more often.

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This has helped me but some of friends tried it and said it didn’t help them. It’s not going to kill the ants you have right now; however, it should keep them from organizing in your home. I used to have a problem with ants swarming my kitchen sink every spring at the same time my Dogwood tree bloomed. I couldn’t find where they were getting in which meant that I couldn’t block them from coming in. I did a lot of research and read that using white vinegar to clean my counter tops would kill their scent and confuse them in their effort to organize. So I tried it. It didn’t kill the ants that were there but several days later, they had stopped congregating around my kitchen sink. I also sprayed around the outside of my house where I saw an army marching and those were no longer there a few days later. Now, I make it a point to spray my counter top with white vinegar and wipe them down early every spring. Since I’ve been doing that, I haven’t seen even 1 ant in my home. I can’t prove that it’s the vinegar, but that’s all that I did differently. I don’t like using chemicals in my home. BTW, the vinegar doesn’t leave an aroma behind as I was concerned that it would

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First off, keeping the environment clean. No food crumbs around cause that’s what they come after inside, and once they are in, well we were dealing by using anti-ant sprays. Also, we had several ant-hills in our backyard, so we destroyed these first, but yeah, mostly we keep the rooms very, very clean

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