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Which foot gets your sock/shoe on first & which arm wins the sleeve race?

Asked by ucme (50037points) June 12th, 2020

Is this always the case?
Is it an unconscious act?

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The middle one.

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Right arm first. I hurt that shoulder so it makes things easier.
I jump into my shoes at the same time.

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Left, both, always. Habit

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Left foot, right arm. Now I’m going to spend the day with my socks and a jacket testing myself. Weekend plans set!

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@tedibear I am happy for you :D

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Left foot, hand & arm for me.
An unconscious act, purely habitual.
I tried doing it the other way this morning with my right pant leg & almost fell over :D

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With my left side being paralyzed, I give preferential treatment to my left side for both foot & arm coordination. That way, IF I have to struggle too much, at least my right side will be able to assist with the balance of the process!!! I have to slide the sleeve onto my left arm & then hope the right arm will cooperate on getting into the right sleeve & pulled into position. IF I put my right arm in first, the left arm could not maneuver enough to get itself into the sleeve. Putting socks onto a dead foot or leg has its own set of challenges. A dead leg finds it difficult at best to stay balanced on the right leg while the attempt at getting the sock onto the foot is carried out. IF I allow the right side to fatigue too soon, getting dressed becomes an impossibility. So, left first with right second seems to work out more consistently for me!!!

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