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Could you convince someone to vote for the political party you believe in, without criticizing the other party?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (21912points) 2 months ago

Well could you?
Could you convince a swing voter, your party is the party that will actually help the country?

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I’m afraid I don’t believe in either of the choices available
which is just the setup the 2 parties guarantee. Either or nothing. So it boils down to as it has my entire life of the lesser evil. And there’s little doubt these days regarding that choice. I don’t believe myself capable of changing anyone’s political mind. If it isn’t obvious now, it never will be.

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@HP I know I could never get through to the die hards, I am more or less wondering about swing voters, you know the ones sometimes vote left, and sometimes vote right type thing.

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Realistically any politician is necessarily a slave to ethical flexibility. But the absolute suspension of every standard out there, i had believed impossible in either party. And it disturbs me considerably that so many of us either don’t recognize the threat or worse, refuse to admit its existence.

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I’ve yet to convince anyone to vote for the Anarchist Party.

There’s two reasons:

Electoralism in a liberal democracy is a complete sham, and I encourage people to not vote at all.

There is no Anarchist Party.

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Since I am an Indy, I could not.

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I can certainly let them know why I feel strongly for a particular candidate and not go negative on the opponent.
Leave it at that and help inform the person with out going negative. The rest is up to them.

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How would you convince someone of the pluses of one party without pointing out the flaws with the others?

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@HP By not saying anything negative and taking the low road.

It is quite easy to speak only the positives on many subjects if you are well versed on the topic.

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Hear them out then state that regardless of his/her loyality to a party that YOU are still going with YOUR OWN inclinations on voting on what is reight for you and your Nation.
Once the other oerson realizes that YOU are NOT going to arguem they may reconsider.

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@Forever Free and there you have it. How many voters would you believe well versed on the realities of either party? It isn’t the low road to claim that one party for all its flaws is not the party of Trump.

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@HP My comment is agnostic to one side or the other. The OP asked if I could discuss the believes in one side and not the other. It wasn’t a question of how many people are well versed.
This is quiet simple to do when well informed.
I referenced “low road” as a manner of negative speak. This doesn’t have to be political either.

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Surely you realize the 2 party system is incredibly flawed?

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No, because I don’t believe in any political party. I often describe myself as a moderate/pragmatic small-L libertarian. I put those qualifiers in front because the formal Libertarian Party is not a serious political party, IMHO. They’re more interested in hearing themselves talk.

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