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Do you think we should be giving $1 Billion in aid to Georgia?

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If we give $1 Billion to Georgia, then we should, in all fairness, give the same amount to the other 49 states.

Just MHO…

September 3, 2008, 7:07 PM EDT

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Probably not, but it is part and policy of Bush policy to date. Be our ally in Iraq, and we will build you an army and give you weapons. So, why not $1 Billion in aid?

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We need the money for ourselves.

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I don’t think that we should have given Georgia what we did. I mean, it’s about time that Georgia broke from Russia, but seriously, it’s not our place to tell other countries what they can and cannot do. Just like in Iraq, it’s none of our business.
Iraq War= Stupidest. War. EVER.

@JA; I reallly hope that you weren’t being serious…

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Putin is running a test case in Georgia. Much as I hate the BushCheneyRoves, I think
we have to oppose.

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@flyawayxxballoon: No, I was just joking.

Georgia is OK. I have friends in Atlanta. They can have the $1 Billion, if they need it.

As long as the money stays in the USA…

September 3, 2008, 8:43 PM EDT

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JA, you crack me up sometimes…

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Always my goal…

September 3, 2008, 8:46 PM EDT

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Fuck Georgia.

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I think foreign aid is good but a Billion may be a little too much. We need to take care of our homeland first. We have plenty of people in need right here in the USA. Disasters alone have destroyed many homes in the USA. I am a bigger on giving aid to the middle class ,working, US citizens who are struggling because there home was destroyed by flood, fire, or whatever.

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Maybe McCain will fly over Georgia and bomb civilians from 10,000 ft and show us what a Hero he is for doing so.
Nut-case Republicans want to give Billions to shit-holes like Iraq, Egypt, and Georgia, while at home in the USA or bridges fall, our schools suck, and 10% of mortgage holders are deliquent or in foreclosure, and jobs continue to evaporate…
Maybe Republicans renounce their US citizenship in favor of another loyality… seems so, they hate the Constitution, don’t they?

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oh no, him again.

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