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Do you have recipe for crembrod?

Asked by kruger_d (3362points) September 3rd, 2008

I was served “cream bread” in Lom, Norway. It’s a regional, 5”, round, flat, somewhat crisp, lightly sweet cookie that in some versions is baked in a krumkake iron and often has cardamom. Have found a few recipes for these “dairy maid wafers”, but none that are edible or close to what I had.

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Is it more like a cream cracker?

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No, definitely more cookie-like and served with coffee and desserts.

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like a pizzelle? There are cream versions of that around.

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Not as dry as a pizzelle and is a dough that is rolled, not a batter. I will find one of my failed recipes to post.

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Well I’m curious now so I’m going to go hunt for a recipe.

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