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Are my examples of obligate and facultative mutualism right?

Asked by questionmark (2points) September 3rd, 2008

Here are my examples..
obligate: fungus and algae
facultative: clown fish and sea anemones

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a good one as well?

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the top of my other response didnt show. it said: is a relationship between fruit plants and birds also a good example.

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Your example of obligate mutualism is sound, but some biologists argue that in the clown fish/sea anemone relationship, the fish are obligate mutualists of the anemone (must have a host anemone in the wild), but that anemones are facultative mutualists of clown fish.

You might want to find another example of facultative mutualism.

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what the objective mutualism ?

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Is the mutualism between Botrytis cinerea and Lobesia botrana facultative?

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